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I have a feature here to share with you all celebrating the up and coming release of ‘Godzilla’ on DVD, Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D from the 27th October. However it is also a celebration due to the fact that you watch it now on download edition! Whoop Whoop! 

This is a monster film that had a lot of people talking over the summer, but it isn’t the only one out there that has got people talking. Over the years many disaster films have made an impact on audiences and caused a sense of impending doom. I have been banned from watching many of them because I have a fear about the world ending or something terrible happening to it. Little fact there aha! But if you are not scared like me, these films make a huge impact and have gone down in history for being so brilliant. Or sometimes not being that good at all! 

Now I do want to admit something lovelies and that is that apart from this segment and a few comments below I did not write the feature. I had it sent to me and so I wanted to tell you all this because I think you should all know and the writer should get some credit because I think it is only fair to them for the hard work they have put in. I do try to write my own features but to me this one was brilliant as it was, so I wanted to keep it that way. Enjoy…

Independence Day: Will Smith at his best: When a gigantic spacecraft obliterates the world’s major cities in a bid to reap the earth’s natural resources, a group of survivors band together to fight back. The highest-grossing film of the year and pedestal to which subsequent disaster films aimed for, Independence Day is today remembered for launching Will Smith’s movie career and that White House-destroying money shot.

Twister: Why would you create the device they did! Why? : When two meteorologists design a state-of-the-art tornado research device called DOROTHY, a race against time and the elements ensues to get it into the heart of the storm before a competitor launches a similar device. With terrifyingly realistic effects and a notoriously gruelling shoot that saw the lead actors temporarily blinded and with concussions, Twister is a rollercoaster of a film. 

The Day After Tomorrow: Was banned from watching as my family said I would get freaked out: 
A cautionary example of the possible effects of global warming, the film sees a paleoclimatologist  called on for help when his disregarded predictions begin occurring. With tennis ball-sized hailstones, 10km high tsunamis and multiple tornados, The Day After Tomorrow needs to be seen on the biggest screen possible to watch extreme weather use the world’s landmarks as mere playthings.

War Of The Worlds: The film is a disaster for me know, as I did it for my A Level Film Studies course: This loose adaptation of the infamous H. G. Wells' novel sees a dad fight for survival and protect his children when an alien race emerges on earth. Directing a story where the ‘tripods’ wait until earth had over-populated before striking in order to harvest human blood, meant that Steven Spielberg could finally make an “alien picture where there is no love and no attempt at communication."

2012: A disaster film that actually scared me (Afraid of dying over here!): When a geophysical research team discovers that the earth's core is heating up and becoming unstable, world leaders begin making preparations to save the human race. Meanwhile, a writer stumbles on the same information and struggles to find a way to save his family while volcanic eruptions and earthquakes of unprecedented strength wreak havoc around the world.

Godzilla : The 2014 version of the horror legend:  Being directed by a self-confessed fan meant that Godzilla was always going to honour the monster movie behemoth, but the film also served to remind fans about why disaster films are such fun to watch. At a time when nuclear energy on earth is at its highest, two enormous creatures break free of their secret government agency shackles. Sensing a disturbance in nature, Godzilla emerges from the ocean to restore balance while showcasing his extraordinary destructive force - while us humans can only watch in awe.

You can now purchase the digital download version of the film lovelies now! The DVD and Blu-ray will be released in two weeks’ time! 

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