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Good Evening! And how are we all on this cold spring night? I am doing work for Uni but I thought I would do a little bit of blogging beforehand! And I am pleased to say that this post will feature not one, but two new films from Entertainment One. 

The first film I have for you is called 'Jimmy's Hall'! Starring Barry Ward, Simone Kirby and many other incredible cast members, the film starts in 1921, when Jimmy Gralton's only desire was to build a dance hall in Ireland, for the young people to learn in. But also to have fun and celebrate being free! 

However in 1932, when Jimmy returns from New York after a decade in the big city to re-open the hall, the events that followed are the ones that made this film. 

How about a little look at it the film, which will be out on the 30th May...

And now for the next film I have to show you from the brilliant company, which is 'Earth To Echo'! Starring Teo Halm, Astro, Reese Hertwig and Ella Wahlestedt, the film is directed by Dave Green and follows the young stars on some of their first journeys into film.

Tuck, Munch and Alex have an inseparable friendship. However when their neighbourhood is going to be destroyed by a highway construction project, the three will be forced to separate, as their families plan to move to different places. 

But day's before each of their big moves, the boys all receive mysterious signal on their phones, that leaves them convinced that something else is going on. This is their chance for one last adventure as a trio, which will be beyond their imaginations. Including dark nights, a wanted by the government message and the feeling that the Earth is just too big for them. It is full of danger and tests, that will cause their friendship to change forever! 

The film is out in July 2014, but here is the trailer for the film to keep you entertained while you wait...

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