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This review is not going to be that long I am afraid as I had a few issues with this film. 'Meteora’ presents a film full of special effects and little treats but, they are unable to save this film.

While it is an interesting look at the different Greek histories, it didn't manage to capture my attention as a viewer for long, because of the plot. It has an interesting idea at the heart of it, but with all the changed between animation and reality, it is hard to understand what is going on, and if there is even a point to the film.

However one element that really did stick out was the acting! Two actors who I hadn't heard of before but who actually were the ones who managed to save the film. If only we saw the real them in the film more than the animated version, it would have been a bigger success. Their conflicting love story is one that hasn't been presented in cinema for a long time and to choose such superb actors to do so has saved it.

Overall the film is confusing and hard to understand because of the visuals and flickering between the two, however the film is getting all the credit from its actors and their work because they are just brilliant!

Therefore the film is getting…

2 Stars

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