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How are we all? Sorry I took a little break I was writing a 600 word news feature for my uni deadline and wanting to get it complete tonight as I have a tick list I am going through for each essay, which is slowly going down aha. 

For now however I have a little treat for you as I have some screening news that you lovelies can go to! The latest film from Chiwetel Ejifor and Thandie Newton called 'Half of a Yellow Sun' will hit cinema screens very very soon. 

But to give you all a little treat Soda Pictures have announced an advanced screening which the cast will be attending, on the 9th which is this Wednesday at the Odeon Cinema in Greenwich. (Sorry I missed tonight's one! Blame the Uni deadlines aha!) 

Chiwetel Ejifor will be there so don't miss out on getting tickets from this link...

But for now lovelies feel free to check out my review of the film below :) 


‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ is the perfect film, with the perfect cast that is going to get the perfect review. Focusing on two sisters who move back to Nigeria after studying in the UK. Both fall in love upon coming back to their country, however when war hits the country and their lives the two are left to deal with the consequences of it.

This adaptation of the film manages to surprise and shock the audience many times with its plots but with the brilliant choice lf British talent, the film has managed to bring a new cinematic partnership that I hope works together again in the future!

When the film starts, it is easy to see why the actors that were chosen were, because with such a heart wrenching plot they are the driving force behind it. The film tackles difficult issues and war in a way that will have those watching in tears.

As for performance the two recognisable faces Thandie Newton and Chiwetel Ejifor have definitely chosen the correct film to showcase their incredible talent. With Newton playing the most powerful figure in the film, she is able to capture the heart and truth of the film in an impressive and fragile way, which is encouraged through her partnership with Ejifor.

As for his acting, this film proves again after ‘12 Year's a Slave’ that he will now be seen even more on the big screen, in roles that only his talent could portray. This casting is the partnership that I would like to see return again to cinema in future films.

Therefore the film was an enjoyable viewing that deserves this sunny…

3 Stars

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