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Did you see what I did there with the title? 'Three men and a Baby' has had a little bit of a makeover to tell you about the new releases that are coming out. So let's get started then! To begin with I am going to tell you about the new home entertainment releases coming up from Arrow Films and Lionsgate.

Arrow Films have announced this morning the release of 'Pit Stop' which will be released on to Blu-Ray and DVD from the 7th April! 

The film has been restored to highlight its ultimate glory and with the help of an expert team, fans will be left shocked at the brand new quality of it. As well like always the film comes with incredible special features and booklet, making it well worth the money. 

Now for the Lionsgate release, which isn't 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' even though you should get it, as it is amazing! But the release of 'The Railway Man', which I reviewed around Christmas time if you remember. 

It is the perfect film to get your mum for Mother’s Day, if your mum is like mine and would happily leave my dad for Colin Firth any day of the week aha. Although they may have to wait a bit for their present as it isn't out until May 7th, but how many times did they use to tease us with our birthday presents! Pay back Mwahaha! 

And finally for the cinema release of 'Svengali', a film starring some of the UK's finest talent! Definitely a one to look out for at your local big screen.

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