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Considering many films have many successful films branch from them 'The Wolverine’ is a confusing and slightly to over the top sequel in the X-Men franchise.

With Hugh Jackman back as one of the best action heroes of all time, the film is expected to be easy going and for fans such as myself of the franchise, a joy to watch. However from the moment the film starts it is hard to follow. From fast cuts to little dialogue in key scenes, the film doesn't focus too much on explaining the plot and more on the action that is occurring on screen. It makes too much of the impossible possible and doesn't go into the depths of the other X-Men films that leave you excited for the next instalment.

The action of which I spoke of above is really the only element in the film which is exciting, as it is the only time in which you can see the difference between the heroes and the bad guys.  There isn't much of an introduction to the new characters and while there is some familiar faces they aren't around long enough to make the film have more sense.

But going back to the action it is  what many people will expect, if not a little more as there is about 10 stabbings in the first five minutes, as well as a nuclear bombing, train race and other thrilling moments that fans will enjoy. However again it is too reliant on this and doesn't branch away from it.

As for Jackman, he again is on top form as the hero and is probably the only reason I could actually sit and watch it the whole way through. He always knows how to bring the character back to life and does succeed again. He manages to bring the laughs as well as soft moments; however I wish he had spoken more as it would have made the film a lot easier to understand.

I know this review is short, but I could not understand what was happening on screen and therefore I struggled to review it, but I hope I have given you a little insight into the film.

So the film has clawed away a…

3 Stars

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