Hey Lovelies,

Yesterday I took my nephew along with me to the gala screening of 'Rio 2' and to say that it wasn't cool would be an understatement!

To begin with we were greeted by a band, a green carpet and the Vue's own rainforest...

Before making some new friends...

And stuffing our faces with all the breakfast treats that were provided, including a Blu bird cake pop which was interesting, as my nephew managed to dye his mouth blue aha.

It was then time to go in and see the film, which I have reviewed below :)


What is love? I’m not sure but I know what 'Rio 2’ is and I have to admit it was a little disappointing!

While it was nice to be reunited with old faces and voices, as well as being introduced to new faces on the birds nest (Get it? Okay I will stop), they seemed to lack the charm that the first film had. The plot seemed to be focused more on the songs and where they would fit in, rather than the interest of the audience, and it lacked the fun and excitement experienced before.

With Bruno Mars joining Anne Hathaway and Jesse Eisenberg, it seemed like they tried so hard to make it funny through WILL.I.AM and Jamie Fox, who could not bring that much comedy to the film, even though they are hilarious.

As mentioned above, it did seem to focus on the music of the film, more than the actual film, and to be fair to the films creator, it was a really good soundtrack! If anything it is the soundtrack that saves this film, because it allows audiences to have a little move in their seats, and at times laugh at the ridiculous of this.

Another quality that would have saved this film even more is Nigel the evil bird, played by Jermaine Clement and Gaby the frog played by Kristin Chenoweth! Whoever decided to put them two in a film together was very clever indeed as it was spot on, which is why it is sad to say they were not in it a lot, when they should have been.

Therefore the film was overall not as successful as the original and I found myself missing the little charm that the first one was! It made it hard to see the value of it, making me wish that it had only ever been one film!

So the film better flaps its wings and take flight with this…

3 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

P.S. Sorry for the bird puns!

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