Hey Lovelies, 

How are you all? I have just changed my Uni course because I didn't feel like I was completing a full course all together as I was doing a hybrid degree, meaning I was missing lots of vital information. 

I was doing Journalism, Film and Television Studies, but I changed to just Journalism after a few issues with the Film aspect of the course due to personal reasons. However that does not change my views on films at all and I think I will love my blogging even more than I do now because of it, as this will be my film world and I am so thankful for that! Because of you lovelies I am able to do this every day and I thankful that because of that I was able to make a decision that I feel is best for me. I will still be able to focus on film during my Journalism course as well, because we are getting to choose our modules next year, meaning I can take all the ones that interest me and will go well with the future. As well I hope to improve my writing even more, with the skills classes, so it feels like a winner. 

However back to the main reason for this blog post which is to tell you all about some brilliant releases coming up! 

From Arrow Films to Universal, there have been some great films out in cinemas and now they are coming to home entertainment! So let's take a look at what they are...

First up is the Arrow Films release which is again a brilliant cult classic! 'Blind Woman's Curse' will be out on the 31st March on DVD and Blu-ray. Like many of the companies’ releases, this version is a deluxe edition and will feature all the unseen features that fans will be dying to experience.  So don't miss out on another brilliant cult classic from the cult company!

Next is the release of 'Plot For Peace', a brilliant film about the life of one of the greatest leaders who ever lived and the man who helped to save him. The film will be out on the 24th March on DVD and On-Demand, so definitely give this one a watch if you are a documentary lover! 

And the 'Lone Survivor' is the next film! A brilliant film to get your dad for Father’s Day, the film will be available from the 9th June on DVD, Blu - Ray and Digital Download! Starring Mark Wahlberg and Eric Bana, the film based on the best-selling book will keep you gripped to the seats on that socks and mugs Sunday! 

I will add the release dates of the films to the Home Entertainment Section of the Film Release Page, so just go back to that if this post moves :)

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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