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It is time for a new film and this one is very elegant and classy! 'Grace of Monaco' features Nicole Kidman, Tim Roth, Frank Langella and Paz Vega, in a film all about the life story of one of the most iconic princesses of the 20th century, Grace Kelly. 

Set in 1962, this intimate look at her life, presented years after her wedding, looks at her past and present, as she looks to return to the big screen while taking on her new role of mother of two, monarch of a European principality and wife to Prince Ranier III.

While working on projects with Alfred Hitchcock to her return to Hollywood, Kelly finds herself being faced with a personal crisis. Rainer's modernization of Monaco is halted by the French President Charles de Gaulle, who is hoping to get the principality for France by force. 

This crisis and the impending French invasion, causes huge threats to her family, marriage and country all in her own private life. Causing her to have to decide whether to return to her film star status or never act again and embrace her new family role and new home. 

Focusing on the real life fairy-tale of Grace Kelly's princess life, romance and her cinematic status. This film presents a whole new light to the legendary actress. 

As always here is the film trailer...

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