Hey Lovelies, 

So on Tuesday my friend Joe contacted me to ask if I wanted to have a new design for the channel art on the blog's Youtube channel. Well I agreed and I am so happy that I did because it looks amazing! Take a look below to see what I mean...

How awesome is that! It looks so much better than the one I had up there before! And so I wanted to do a post on the blog to thank him for doing it, as he does a lot of great work, in a short space of time, meaning your Youtube channel art is looking fabulous in just a matter of days! 

Here are a few examples of other work he has done...

A Gaming Channel Art For Liam and Joe's Game Channel
Our friend Eddie's Music Page
A Gaming Channel Art For Our Friend Liam
His own Blog and Vlog Art
Not only does he make the art, but he has his own site/blog/Vlog page, that I am sure many of you would enjoy! And you will be able to contact him through this, if you would like to have your own piece of channel art created! 

His blog's Twitter is: https://twitter.com/potato_destiny

So what do we think of the new art?!? Let me know on Twitter! Oh and if you get Joe to do some channel art for you, let me see it aha!

Blog Soon, 
Joey X 

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