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Now before I share with you lovelies my review of the film, I wanted to share something with you!

I saw the film on Friday at a preview screening, but yesterday after the 'Rio 2' gala screening, I spotted the premiere for 'Divergent' happening just round the corner at the Odeon and couldn't resist going and getting a couple of snaps for you lovelies.

Here they are for you lovelies...

Doesn't it look really really cool! I love how they are all sectioned off into the five different groups :)  

Anyway here is my review on the film.


A new heroine has risen in the world of film franchises in the form of Shailene Woodley, who plays the young Beatrice or ‘Tris’ in her latest film 'Divergent’.

Centred around a post war world, the children of the film are split into different occupation or groups that they believe are suitable for their lives. As a film, this was a really interesting plotline to cover, as it hasn't really been covered in any teenage films before. This made it appealing to audiences to watch because it was new and exciting for all young adults out there, who the film is appealing to.

It is a film about class and the different ways of living, that some young people will be able to see themselves or relate themselves with, because of the easy readability of the onscreen emotions. As a base for a teenage film and a key subject in society today, it was a view that I think was spot on to the time and future that is in the film.

The plot also gave us a sense of distance from the love triangles that franchises love to include, due to its focus on just one couple. It was also a plot focused more on family and their survival, rather than the sickly love stories that are over played in each franchise.

This leads me onto the acting performances. For many, this film highlighted the power of the acting, for example Woodley, whose lead performance was emotional and real, as if the action on screen was her real life. She did not disappoint when it came to claiming the heroine title, as stated above, because in no other words, she kicked ass!

Theo James, Ansel Elgort and Kate Winslet also give their names to the great acting in this film, and for someone who had only seen Winslet and James’ work before, Elgort was the scene stealer for me, as her brother Caleb. Fans of 'The Hunger Games’ will be reminded of the year in which the first film came out with this turn of events, as it is much like Josh Hutchinson's performance which stole the limelight a little from the intended stars.

One thing that I am now thinking of because of the action and casting in this film, is that I cannot wait for Elgort and Woodley to star in 'The Fault in our Stars', because the bond they have in this film is incredible and I hope we see them in more films together, away from the franchise.

Anyway back to the film, the director has made an adventure and new franchise, which is definitely going to succeed and progress into something that will replace the hunger games during the draught fans have between each film, and when it comes to the end.

However even though I mentioned 'The Hunger Games’ as being a good comparison, it is also a downfall for the film, as it may lose out on fans because of the similarities and the lack of power that 'The Hunger Games’ fight scenes convey, as they don't make for such interesting watching until near the end. But it did still cause a little appeal for the film.

Other than that the film was interesting and fun to watch, as I found myself and the rest of the audience overwhelmed by the on screen performances and action, as well as the new heroine for teen girls everywhere in Woodley’s Trish!

Oh and as a little add on to this film review, I just wanted to state that I loved the soundtrack! There were songs that I knew well and others I didn't but have since added to my iPod as they are so good and so strong for this type of film, which I just had to! Well done Ellie Golding as well, for taken the lead with this film.

Overall 'Divergent’ is going to be the next film to take over our film screens and franchise world, with the brilliant actors and actresses coming along for the ride. All that is needed is a bit more action and Woodley will be well on her way to joining the elite with the other heroines!

Therefore I am giving the film…

4 Stars

Blog Soon,

Joey X

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