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It is time for another new film and because it is past 12, I am counting it as a new day aha! This one may make you feel a bit hard, maybe a bit plastic? Only joking, but the film is called 'Plastic' so you never know aha. 

'Plastic' stars some of the finest young British talent around including, Ed Speleers, Alfie Allen, Will Poulter, Sebastian de Souza and Emma Rigby, in an all new thriller that is based on a real life event. 

Sam, played by Speleers, leads a gang of university students in to becoming credit card thieves in hopes to build their income. But as they get more adventurous, they are forced to pay back one of the men they have stolen from 10 times the amount they took, with added interest. This leads them onto Miami, the city where money is made. 

However after more mistakes are made, they find themselves short of cash. Therefore it isn't long until they are back to their stealing ways, as they plan a very risky jewellery heist, in hopes to pay off their debt and still be rich. Although with the way in which the team work together, it isn't long before this plan fails as well and Sam is left on his own to pay the debt off. 

The film is directed by Julian Gilbey and will be out nationwide on the 2nd May. 

Again here is the new film trailer...

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