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So about a week ago I was asked if I wanted to interview the host and one of the directors of The TOSCARS! The film awards show that will have sides splitting and film fans having to decide between the original and parody. 

On the 28th February 'Brits in LA' will hold the 7th annual TOSCARS awards at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, hosted by Glee Star Alex Newell, along with some celebs to help judge the films. 

This year’s judges include Paul Oakenfold, Owain Yeomans, Jennifer Elise Cox and Jim Piddick. 

Given just three weeks to make a short parody of this year’s Oscar nominated films, the film makers then take their films to the event and present them to the judges in hopes to win one of the exciting awards of the night. 

These awards include...

Best Supporting Whactor

Best Supporting Whactress

Best Tunes

Best Scribbler

Best Boss

Best Threads

Best Whactress

Best Whactor

Best Parody 

People’s Choice Award. 

Really the event is to let the entertainment industry have a little bit of fun at a very stressful time and have a laugh! 

And with Tim Russ, star of 'Star Trek Voyager' directing ‘Cavity’ aka ‘Gravity’, some lovely people decided to give me the chance to interview him, which I am about to share with all of you :)

Here is the interview and I must give Tim Russ a massive thank you for answering all the questions I had, as I am sure you a probably very busy getting ready for the event:

Why did you pick 'Gravity' to parody?
Tim: I did not pick that film, it was randomly given from of a list of names. 

How did you find out about the award show?
Tim:  I was told about the awards show after I had signed on to direct "Cavity."

Why do you think the TOSCARS are more important then the Oscars for some film makers? Should bigger companies get involved?
Tim:  I wouldn't say the Toscars are more important, that the Oscars, they are really just a spin off of the Oscars - similar to other awards/events  that have been lampooned over the years. 

Do you think 'Cavity' will be a bigger hit than 'Gravity'?
Tim:  I don't think it will be bigger than "Gravity" given that it's only a 5 minute short with virtually no budget… but…you never know what can happen in this business…!

Final Question, what film would you love to see be turned into a TOSCAR Parody?
Tim: I wouldn't mind seeing the "Bourne Identity" series of films turned into a Parody…
and I'd like to be in on the writing of it….

I have also sent some questions for the host of the event which I will post as well when I get the answers to them :) 
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Joey xxx

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