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Neeson is back to his action packed ways, with ‘Non-Stop’, as he controls not only a hijacked plane but the one liners of a man who is famed for them.

With an incredible cast, including Lupita Nyong’o, Michelle Dockery and Julianne Moore, it is very promising. And many of the scenes leave you on the doge of your seat towards the end of the film.

However at times it was too much like ‘Taken’ and Neeson has caused this in a lot of ways. While funny and alluring and of course he does make a good action hero. His action hero status, makes this film very predictable, and easy to see what will happen. As always he does give the one liners, the only way cinema can take them, but it just isn’t enough to make this film be saved from the typical action.

For many it was actually the female cast that makes the film enjoyable, as each member faces a different challenge within such a confined space. Moore as always is the delightful quirky character, which even when scenes are full of tension, manages to bring Nelson back to earth and face his mission. Dockery breaks away from her ‘Downtown Abbey’ performance and makes an interesting action heroine, which will hopefully make her a figure in Hollywood and Nyong’o is as charming as always but her British accent, was just a little bit over the top to be believable, however for a character she was enjoyable to watch.

Aside from the acting, it was very much a film based on judgement and how far they could push it. Many of the scenes were unrealistic and took too long to get into, as much of it was unneeded. Without these scenes, I feel the film would have been more gripping and thrilling, instead of taking the stereotypical build up that it produced. It was slow to begin with and the constant fights of who done it made it quite easy to see from the start who the main suspect was always going to be.

But I do have to say it was quite original in many aspects as well, and the end scene saved this film, due to the high intensity of the action and thrilling conclusion about to be given to audiences. It was the moment the film caused hearts to race and trying to keep bums on seats, as it made audiences anticipate how horrific this ordeal is. For an end scene it was incredible and the last 15 minutes of the film will leave you feeling like it was a worthy watch.

Overall because of the incredible ending to the film, originality in some forms and the incredible female cast on this film, it makes it an enjoyable watch for Neeson or action packed fans. But it does start very slow and becomes predictable in places from the start. Bit of advice as well, if a nervous flyer please do not watch before you go on your next journey.

This film is about to take off with these…
3 Stars

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