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I may not be the best dressed woman out there but I do love clothes and will be at the London Fashion Weekend in about two weekend’s time to catch up on all the new trends and spend some of my student loan even though I shouldn't :(

If it is a cool logo t-shirt I will wear it with pride and love for the rest of my life aha! But this post isn't about me! No this post is for all the Fashion lovers and bloggers out there who love Yves Saint Laurent, as Entertainment One tell the amazing story behind the brand in their new film, 'Yves Saint Laurent'

Based in Paris during 1957, the film follows a 21 year old Yves who is faced with stardom, as he becomes the successor to Christian Dior who has recently died.  During his first catwalk, Yves meets Pierre Berge, the man who became his lover and business partner in a relationship that changed his life! 

However after only a few years, Yves is fired from Dior and faces public humiliation! But not one to let people beat him, he decides to open the Yves Saint Laurent fashion house, with his first 'ready to wear' collection, that rocks the fashion world. 

The film highlights his attempts at changing the fashion industry and build his empire, all against the Sixties' liberation and his own demons. In a way that has been renowned for liberating women all over the world.

And not only does it show this but the film is full of original clothes from the Yves Saint Laurent haute couture collection archive. I mean take a look at these stills and tell me they are not clothes to die for...

Directed by Jalil Lespert, 'Yves Saint Laurent' stars Pierre Niney as Yves Saint Laurent and Guillaume Gallienne as Pierre Bergé, alongside Charlotte le Bon, Laura Smet, Marie de Villepin and Nikolai Kinski as Karl Largerfeld. 

As always I have a trailer to show you all and this one is very glamorous...

Don't miss the film which hits the cinema runaways in March!

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