Hey Lovelies, 

SORRY! For the huge delay in posts recently, I have just been catching up with some friends and some OSCAR films aha! On Sunday I went and saw 'Her' and it is incredible! Absolutely epic! My favourite thing about it apart from Joaquin Phoenix, who is one of my favourite actors, was the soundtrack and if you haven't seen the film or heard the soundtrack, then please try to do so before Sunday!

However this post is a little bit different! A little while ago I was asked to give you guys a lovely live stream Q&A with the makers and cast of 'For Those In Peril'. But due to family issues, I was unable to put the link up at the correct time and when I tried to I found it had finished. 

Although it isn't all bad news, as the lovely people at Soda Pictures have provided me with a Youtube video of the whole event, for you guys to watch and catch up on what you missed! Enjoy...

I hope to review the film soon so please also look out for that, if you are interested in hearing more about it :) 

Blog Soon, 
Joey xxx

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