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A while ago I went to the lovely Soho Hotel and took part in a Q&A with Ty Burrell and Rob Minkoff, the actor and director of the new animation 'Mr Peabody and Sherman'. The event allowed me to see some of the films footage before anyone else and I was able to ask any questions I had about the film to the director and actor.

During the Q&A, Rob Minkoff and Ty Burrell, happily answered all the questions and made some great jokes, which I was lucky enough to get one out of them. But first off let's discuss what they had to say about the film from others questions.

The film was made after the director watched the show 'Rocky and Bullwinkle' which was a huge American series starring the two characters in the 50s, and along the way Ty Burrell's brother introduced him to the series as well which left an impact on him also.

This impact caused both of them to be such huge fans, that they just had to make the film. However the next issue they faced was the periods of time in which they wanted to cover in the plot, as they had to serve a proportion of the story according to Minkoff. 

However when Ty Burrell decided to give his voice to the famous dog as well as his eyebrows apparently, and a few dog grunt like noises, the film was well under way in being made and from the clips we saw on that day the pair had succeeded hugely! 

While many of you have seen the clips I saw at the time they were fresh and new to all of the other viewers and for a room full of people the film wasn't really intended for, everyone was laughing at the on screen antics.

And now it is up to Mr Peabody to become responsible for everything that happens at the cinema box office! 

Unfortunately because of how early we saw the footage I was unable to take any images of the day, but I did take a little picture of the lovely gifts that we got give on the day and it has a small change to it that some of the others may not have...

Yes that's right I managed to get an autograph from Ty Burrell, who was lovely and his PR was also really nice to us! It was great to meet him considering he has been a favourite of mine since 'Modern Family' which he recently won an award for as well. 

So that was my lovely day away from Uni! I am sorry there isn't that many notes, I was also handling another event that day which was the Catching Fire screening so I was a bit flustered aha. 

But please do go and see the film as it looks hilarious and one that everyone will enjoy!

Blog Soon, 
Joey xxx

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