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The dance film with a huge difference, has proved that it is okay for anybody to dance whatever shape or size they are, and with a message like that presented it makes it a great delight to watch. While the plot may lack at certain moments it does give you that feel good feeling that I believe Frost was intending.

It has all of the British wit that people will be looking for and with the added element of dad dancing, this Valentine's Day treat will add that little spark to the day that some films will be overly soppy about.

Considering the film came from a drunken email, it does have that different cinematic element to I that films have been afraid of doing, but as I said before it does become predictable and as an audience member I am sure that many of you will guess where this film is going quite early on.

However it is mainly Frost's performance that saves this film! Oh and maybe a cameo from a certain friend of his that you will all know if you see the film.

Frost’s performance is superb in this brand new British comedy! Highlighting his mark aware from Pegg, he manages to hit the cornetto on the head and salsa his way to the top! His performance of Bruce is an unexpected delight and one that many delight at seeing.

But certain members of his all-star cast do take away some of his shine, especially Olivia Coleman and Kayvan Novak, who both manage to cause the most laughs from the audience in their refreshing look at the dance world.

As for the others actors in the film, while they do give that needed and comedic element, they should have had a bit more screen time, because they are not being given the chance to show their characters full potential.

It was a better dance film than the jokey ones we have had in the past, but there was something about it that made it lack a bit and I feel like it may have been the predictable plot. Overall the film was a funny and light hearted British comedy but due to the lack of plot and on screen actor’s time, I am giving it…

3 Stars

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