What Have I Been Doing To Prepare For Christmas 2024 In June?


Christmas is fast approaching and with only five months to go, I am glad that I started to plan early! With so much needing to be done, it can get a little heavy to leave it all until December. So, find out what I did in June to help me prepare for the big event, which will make the festivities even more enjoyable!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

June is officially the start of Christmas planning in the world of retail! I can guarantee that in a few weeks time, you will start to see little hints towards the festive season! Get ready to see those fantastic chocolate tubs and gift wraps coming out soon. 

However, for now, I am getting ready for the big day by doing some super early preparations. June was the time when I actually started to write out my Christmas cards. Every year, I try to write a number of Christmas cards that I normally put through random people on my villages doors. 

I do this to spread festive cheer all around, however, it does take a lot of time to do. There so, I’ve started early and started planning and writing them early. This will allow me the free time to just pop them into their letterboxes when December hits. 

Plus, they don’t take up much room in storage, as I just pop them back in their box and store them where they were. The hardest part is trying to stop myself giving them out too early! September should be okay right? 

What have you all been doing to prepare for Christmas lovelies? Let me know! 

Joey X

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  1. It's never too early for Christmas! I love that you take the time to hand write Christmas cards for your neighbours - that's so sweet and kind! Definitely brings a joy. For me, I've already began a Christmas gifts sinking funds and try to capture the sales that occur throughout the year.

    1. Love a good sale shop! It’s perfect! Xxx