Weird Games Have The Perfect Gaming Gifts For This Father’s Day!


Get ready for the games to begin this summer with these perfect Father’s Day presents! From angry themed items to weirdness all round, Weird Games have made a selection that the whole family will want to play! Coming in big and small sizes, you will lose hours playing them together. Discover more about them here to prepare you for endless amounts of fun!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Father’s Day is the perfect time to break out a great board game! In our house, my dad was a bit cheeky and like to up the stakes with the introduction of money halfway through. I often remember when the whole of the Italian side of my family got together to play at my uncle’s house. There was a lot of swearing, hand movements and sore losers I have to admit. 

However, games don’t need to go down that path lovelies! Especially not on a special day and definitely not when there are so many great ones out there! From the well-known brands to the unknown ones, including the one I am introducing to you all today, there is a lot to choose from. However, I think the brilliant Weird Games brand may just steal the top spot. 

With two new games available, the fantastic company sent me a few to try and we had so much fun playing them. Beating the summer sun, I can tell you honestly that any father figure in your life will love these as a gift this Father’s Day…

Anger Smash, £14.99: Made to be played by those eight years and up, this is perfect for the whole family, as it mixes together tension and competition to deliver a fight for your right to win. We loved how we could team up against each other, as we found it brought a lot of full belly laughs. Plus, it was super easy to set up, meaning we spent hardly any time wasting pressure gaming hours. Overall, we played it three times in a row and it is now safely stored on our games self for the next match. 

How Am I Weird, £20.99: Aged up compared to the previous game, this is suitable for teenagers and older family members to play together. A bit like Cards Against Humanity, this new award-winning party game, brings about different, often strange scenarios, which call for each player to pick the best comebacks for. What people choose is where the real fun begins, as you often find that they end up picking things you would not expect them too. We loved this one a lot! 

How Am I Weird Square Pack, £15.99: Exactly the same as the previous game in terms of rules, this pack allows for new cards, with new scenarios and answers to be introduced to the game. Get ready for even more outrageous fun with the whole family. 

Whilst the team create even more fun and mischief for the whole family, these are the best gifts to give your dad this Father’s Day! I know for a fact that my dad would have got way too competitive playing How Am I Weird! We would have had to have put up with him in a stroppy mood for certain if he had lost. 

To find out more about the Weird Games grand or to purchase the games lovelies, head to their website, where you will find everything that you need to know! Let the games begin! 

Joey X

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