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Yesterday, the blog’s little bloggers welcomed a new face, as my nephew Leo and his friend Noah went along to the BlogOn UK event in Manchester for me! Testing out a whole host of new toys, they had so much fun that it was too good not to share with you all! Honestly, they haven’t stopped talking and playing with the toys since!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Weeks ago, I was kindly invited along to the BlogOn UK event in Manchester. Having seen so many people attend them in the past, I have wanted to go for years. Unfortunately, I still wasn’t able to, however, my nephew Leo and his friend Noah happily went along for me. And my oh my did they have fun! 

Based in the Village Hotel in Ashton, the boys, along with my brother and his girlfriend, were welcomed by the team into the building. Straightaway, they were treated like stars, as they had their photo taken in front of the BlogOn UK stand. After a few shots, they couldn’t wait any longer, dashing into the first room. 

Filled to the brim with toys and items to play with, they were in awe of what was being shown in front of them. Brands including Craft Buddy, Kreepy Katz, Deddy Bears, Marvin’s Magic and Fat Brain Toys were just some exhibitions that they enjoyed throughout the day, however, it was the myFirst team that they met at the start. 

With tons of new gadgets on the market, the team welcomed Leo and Noah to have their photo taken with their new camera, before placing them at a table where they were shown how to make 3D creations using their new myFirst 3dPen Make tool. Using stencils, the boys made instant key rings, which they could take home with them. There was a chance to win some of the tools on hand, so the pair took the time to enter them, before embarking into the fairground themed room. 

Upon entering it, the boys found themselves being offered the chance to play on penny machines, shoot the duck and more arcade like features. They even got the chance to try and shoot some hoops. This helped to break down some of the wait into the next room,  where the pair had a chance to go back in time and play on some classic consoles and games. I’m certain that my brother must have talked my nephew’s ear off about all the ones he had at this point. 

Whilst in the room, the twosome met the team behind the Deddy Bears. Gruesome but cute looking teddies that my nephew loved. After a little explanation, they got the chance to win some of the bears, which they were very lucky to do so. The win obviously left them pumped up for some magic, as they raced into the next room to find an endless amount of wonder. 

The team at Marvin’s Magic had taken over a whole room to display their goodies and my nephew was very thankful to them for doing so. Last December, when him and my brother came down at Christmas, I can remember him learning a card trick that we kept having to play along with. In this room, he found himself learning even more of them, as he watched the magician bring magic to life right in front of him. 

Out of all the toys, the ones in this room were by far his favourite. He even dressed up to celebrate them. When we spoke later on, he told me that he wanted some of the kits for his upcoming birthday. Something that proved a spell had been cast on him by the team. 

After all the excitement, the boys went onto the next room, where a bit of calm was restored. The team at Craft Buddy had brought along one of my favourite things to do at the moment. However, this was on an epic scale. Filling up a whole section of the hotel with crystal art, the boys sat down to make their own designs, whilst my brother spoke to the amazing helper about the benefits the artwork has on peoples mental health. 

A factor the brand is working hard to encourage, as they have teamed up with the women’s Manchester United team to prove it. They also had a fantastic slime filled experience with the brilliant Slime Party UK Putty Pals team, who allowed them to handle a whole host is squishy goodness.

It wasn’t long though until it the buzz began again, as they came face to face with the Fat Brain Toys company. Using science to have fun, the boys spent a good chunk of time learning about how it can influence their gaming experiences. 

With a new found knowledge, they took to the brand’s new game Foosbots to give their skills a go. Both admitted that they absolutely loved it and wanted one for their homes. A factor my 37-year-old brother wanted too. At just £20, I think I will be seeing the pair playing it at home very soon. 

Having spent a few hours at the event, the pair decided that they were ready for something to eat, so they ushered their goodbyes to each room, before heading for the door. At the start of the event, they were given tokens to exchange for a goodie bag, which they were handed just before leaving. To say they were excited by them would be an understatement. 

Wanting to get home as quickly as possible to open them, they rushed through the door, into the living room, where they began to unpack them. The bags were filled with sweet delights, drinks and toys galore. Items that they haven’t stopped playing with or creating. 

It was really a true honour to have been invited to the event and I am so grateful to have been able to let my nephew enjoy it! BlogOn UK earned me some serious auntie points with this one! And that is always a winner to me! Look out on their website for their next few events lovelies, as they are so much fun for all the family! A fact my brother can promise you! 

Joey X

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