Five Pyjama Sets That I Simply Love Right Now!


Snuggle up and get cosy this weekend with these amazing PJ sets! From warming comfies to summer shorts, there is something for everyone here. For me, the lemon ones are real winners. Take a look at my five current pyjama favourites that I think we should all be investing in here…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Some days, the weight of the world can feel like it is on your shoulders. I know that there are two days, every week, where I feel, well, shit. They are Wednesdays and Sundays. My body feels horrific to me. My ED likes to go in for the attack and because of this I just want to curl up into a ball and stay in bed. 

Yet, I get up and try to keep going, even if it means staying in my PJs all day. Yes, I am someone who lives for their cosies. When I take my PJs off in the morning to get dressed, I put on my joggers, until I get home and put my PJ bottoms back on. I’ve even taken to just having my Sunday pamper session and putting fresh PJ bottoms on instead of getting fully dressed. I love them so much! 

When I go shopping, the pyjama section is the first place I look. Especially when searching online. Something I have been doing a lot recently, to prepare for summer.  Along the way, I have spotted some true gems and wanted to share them all with you too. Get ready to be super cosy in…

Mono Bow Print Short PJ Set, £15.60, Boohoo: I love the ditsy bows on this set. They make me think of crisp brunch filled days of summer, leading into the cosy nooks of autumn. I can picture myself sitting under the sun, wearing them, as enjoy my breakfast. Or snuggled up under crisp white sheets!

Lemon Short Sleeve Pyjamas, £12.50, ASDA: ASDA makes absolutely brilliant PJs! In fact, I think most of mine now come from there. Super stylish, comfortable and great value for money, you will feel as vibrant as the lemons on this set wearing their creations.

Friends Pyjamas, £14.99, Amazon: Friends is one of my ultimate comfort shows, so it only seemed right to get PJs to match. These long lounge inspired pieces are perfect for wearing on a weekend during a binge watching session.

Pink Lemon Print Short Pyjama Set, £12.99, New Look: New Look has perfect, soft PJs, which give a little bit of extra stretch. I love the lemon print on these PJs, as they remind me of going on holiday. Especially with the PJs also being short. These will be great on those hot summer nights.

Cockatiel Stripe Print Button Up Short Pyjama Set, £35, Chelsea Peers: If I want to go for a bit more of a luxury brand, I always turn to Chelsea Peers, who know how to make a PJ set. This tropical set will be great to lounge around in the sun or cosy up in.

PJs just make everything so much better! To tell you all a little secret, the day I am writing this is a sad Sunday. I’ve got up, had a shower and put on fresh PJ bottoms, as I’m not having the best mental health/ED day. I’m even going to put my coat over the top of them later and head out wearing them! There is simply nothing better than fresh sheets, shaved legs and cosy PJs to help you get through the day. Who else is with me? 

Joey X

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