An Ode To HSM!


Growing up, I was the biggest HSM fan around! Racing home to catch it whenever it was on TV, it was my first experience at falling in love with a franchise. Something I have done many times since. Find out how much of an impact the now iconic films made on me and the lasting legacy they made for all us wildcats here…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

You know what they say, once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat! Well, I believe this with all of my heart and soul! Recently, I got the urge to watch the first film, followed by the second and then before you knew it I had binged the lot in one go. Reuniting with old friends felt good. We sung. We danced. We threw sand around a golf course! Okay, maybe not the last bit, but you get my idea. 

When I was younger, I can remember the film being advertised on the TV at a friend’s house. We made a vow then and there to watch the film together no matter what. On the day of its release, we raced home from school and both fell in love with it. Me probably a lot more than her, however, when I fall for something I fall for it hard. 

Zac Efron became my ultimate crush, even with his floppy hair and questionable white tracksuit. I knew every word to every song. I wanted to go to East High, join the drama club, play basketball and ace science. I didn’t, however, it didn’t stop me from filling my life with HSM items, including a pen with Efron’s face on. 

There are some films that stay with us for life. Good or bad, you can’t help but have a special place in your heart for them. The HSM franchise is one of them. When I spotted it on the Disney Channel, I would watch it. When it came out on DVD I got it. Now when I see it on Disney+, I smile and sometimes randomly pop it on. I even faced a bunch of wild children to see the third film in the cinema. Then instantly went to Tesco’s to buy the CD from the film. Honestly, it was a special time to be alive. 

HSM and its sequels have a hold on me that I can’t let go of. I can’t bear to say its to cheesy. To teenage focused when I am 28. I will not stop watching them when the need comes to me. They are a huge part of my childhood and I love them. I love them like I love Dirty Dancing. I love them like I love Walk The Line. I love them like I love Edward Scissorhands. My favourites. All for many different reasons. But mostly because they brought me so much joy! 

It’s what makes our childhood films so special. They make us who we are in the end. And so, this ode to HSM is a thank you to the original Wildcats from an original, loyal, fan based Wildcat. Thanks for the never ending memories! They are, in the words of Sharpay, FABULOUS! 

Joey X

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  1. This is such a cute blog post idea! I was such a huge HSM stan myself lol Troy was probably my first crush as a little girl growing up LOL! Love this!

    Willow |

    1. Awww glad you liked it lovely! Thank you for reading 🩵