My February 2024 New Food Finds


Good Morning Lovelies, 

February may be a shorter month, however, I did try hard to find some new foods to try and bring into my life during the month! And of course, a Jam had to make the list! 

Many of the foods below were big tests to me, with some working and others not so much. I’ve tried to include all that I had though, as they may be the real winners for you! Here are five new foods I found and tried in February 2024…

Warbutons Cinnamon and Raisin Bagel Thins, £1.75: I tried these early on in February and I have to admit I wasn’t as much of a fan as I thought I would be. They were quite dry compared to the New York Bagel ones I had. However, they did have a good flavour to them. I may give them another go in the future, but not for a while now. 

Aldi Multigrain Dino Shapes, £1.99: These tiny dinosaur shaped cereals are delicious, especially the fruit flavoured ones. I have these more as a biscuit instead of a cereal, as they are perfectly sized and really tasty. 

Ribena Winter Spice Juice, £2: I’m keeping the festive magic alive by having a warm cup of this nightly. With mulled wine style spices, this is great to enjoy snuggled up in bed. It feels my heart with joy before I go to sleep.

Aldi Plain NYC Deli Style Bagel Thins, £1.19: After the Warbutons mishap, I gave these a go. Cheaper and tastier, they have now become a staple for me on a Sunday night. Topped with the jam mentioned below, they make a great meal with a beautiful bouncy, fresh taste to them. They are just like the New York Bagel ones but thinner.

Sainsbury’s Reduced Sugar Strawberry Jam, 81p: Last month, I told you all about the reduced sugar Sainsbury’s marmalade. This month, I tried the reduced sugar jam and it is delicious! Full of flavour, it is perfect over the bagels above and as a dip for apple slices too. Reminds me of the kind I had when I was little in square cut sandwiches! 

I hope that with a bit more time in March I will be able to put some further fear foods to the test! Especially over the Easter weekend! What have you all been enjoying eating this February lovelies? 

Joey X

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