Want To Host A Living Advent Calendar This Year? Go For It!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Recently, I have been reflecting on what I loved about Christmas 2023. Of course, there were moments of heightened emotions, but most of the time, I simply loved the build up and day. Especially when it came to advent season this year! 

After spotting the idea for a living advent calendar in Simple Things magazine, I was intrigued to find out more. Having never heard of the concept before,I was in awe of the way local villagers gathered together each day of advent to create festive displays for others to see. So, I decided it was time that the village I live on got involved. 

Placing a message out on Facebook, I explained what a living advent calendar was. I then asked for those wishing to take part to join a Facebook group dedicated to it. From there, the idea just built. And built. In fact, it wasn’t long until all 25 days were filled and everyone was getting ready to go. 

I started the process of organising the event back in the summer, with listings, examples and ideas placed into it. Everyone was so warm and welcoming to other members. It made me fall in love with where I live all over again! From the 1st, people put up bold numbers, bright festive themes and lots of lights. Everyone was in awe and in the mornings people said they could see excited school children looking at them. 

When I first presented the idea, I wasn’t sure if people would want to do it. Yet, seeing everyone being so happy from it made me very proud. Not of myself but of the people I live near. I’ve met new people and made new friends from the experience. I’ve had people who didn’t take part ask me if I will do it again next year so that they can get involved. I’ve seen the small children smile at it. It’s made me feel so creative. I simply loved every minute of it. 

I’m so thankful to every single person who took part in the event. They were all so lovely and when I was able to give them a little token of thanks they were so grateful. The living advent calendar has truly restored my faith in humanity. The people I live near are all amazing and I’m so humbled by them. 

Will I be planning another calendar in 2024? I think I will be! I honestly couldn’t encourage it enough lovelies. I just wish we could do it all year! When will we finally start to experience Christmas every day? Let’s do it now! 

Joey X

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