Why January Is The Perfect Time To Have A Clear Out!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

January is the perfect time to have a clear out. When putting away the new items you got at Christmas, you can do a bit of a sweep at the same time, removing all you no longer need. Our house is currently going through a lot of changes and room makeovers. I’ve never seen my mum gut a house so quickly! 

During the whole process, it has made me think about the best ways to clear out your space and restore calm, tidiness and a little bit of peace. Coming up with five simple ways to clear out the clutter, you will be loving your home even more by doing the following…

Start With One Thing Each Day: There are 365 days in a year, so not everything needs to be done all at once. Give yourself the task of completing one small thing every day and soon your house and mind will be more relaxed. Remember, Romebwasnt built in a day lovelies! 

Be Brutal: When doing a big sort out, the best thing to do is to just be brutal. Really go for it. Think you will never use it again, get rid of it. Don’t actually know why you own it, again get rid. Try and sell new or good condition items and save the money for something else. By being brutal your home is cleared and your pockets could be filled. 

Think About How Much You Have Used It: As mentioned above, when you aren’t sure if you will use a product, really think about its importance in your life. How many times have you used it before? Now you’ve discovered it again, will you use it more? If you are uncertain then it is probably certain you won’t use it again. That means it is time to toss it out lovelies. 

Hire Services If Needed: If you are doing a huge clear out, hire a skip or removal service. When my mum wanted to clear our back garden, I purchased a skip. It was completely and utterly full by the end of it, as our garden was cleared from top to bottom. Whilst it wasn’t the cheapest of services, it really helped us. Especially when the skip and rubbish were taken away, due to us having no cars to take us to the recycling centre or tip. 

Look Online For Inspiration: Pinterest and other places are great at helping to come up with ideas on how we may want a space in our homes. I love looking at YouTube DIY vlogs to see how hard or simple an idea is and then doing it. Well, my mum is more of the DIY person to be honest aha! But honestly, I find the ideas people place online help me a lot when it comes to seeing how throwing or selling old items can transform a room into something better. 

Clearing up even the smallest of spaces makes me happy! Honestly, over Christmas, I couldn’t handle the mass of things in my cupboard,hiding from present seekers. Yet, when I had wrapped them up and put them under the tree, I felt so much better. 

My first big project this year, which I know is going to be tough, is to clear out my DVD cupboard. Whilst it has been a huge part of my life, there are many films I no longer watch but have kept stored. They take up a lot of room, which could be used for other things. It will be hard and sad, but by making a better storage system, I know it will be for the best. Although, the Disney, Christmas and horror films are going nowhere aha! 

What is your next cleaning project lovelies? Let me know! 

Joey X

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