How To Become A Morning Person In Five Easy Steps!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Today marks the first few early mornings of spring in the air to me! It’s like the cold holidays are over and now the sunshine may just start to return. However, it can still be challenging right now to find the idea of getting up in the mornings appealing. Especially when there is darkness outside!

When I was in hospital, I used to find that we would all have to wake up early to start the day. For many awful reasons. This made me change my ways and I would do some of these things to make the mornings a little bit brighter. Today, I wanted to give you five tips that I have learnt over the years, which may help to make you more of a morning person…

Prepare Your Clothes For Tomorrow: Every day, as I get dressed, I also pick out the clothes that I will wear the next day. Sometimes I even find that it makes me happy knowing what I will be wearing tomorrow before I even put it on. I like to have them laid out as well, just in case I decide to change my mind on them. Having outfits ready makes it easier to get up and not have to worry about how you may or will look. Plus, if you snooze that alarm, you can just roll out of bed and put it on quickly. 

Get Your Breakfast Ready The Day Before: This may not be the best idea if you like something cooked on the day, but if you enjoy cereal or even porridge, then it is so easy to get your breakfast prepared the night before. I like to have my fruit in a bowl. My cereal and honey or jam are placed in another. All covered up and ready for me to enjoy in the morning. You can even slow cook a meal by preparing it the night before. Something I know lots of people have done with porridge. Or make an overnight oats bowl to take with you on the go. Nothing screams anything better than a good breakfast in the morning. 

Shower First, Scroll Later: Put down your phone first thing lovelies and head straight into the shower. I used to do a lot of scrolling from the moment my eyes opened. Now, I leave my phone downstairs and my tablet is not touched until I have had my shower, brushed my hair and cleaned my teeth. For that 30 minutes, I don’t think about anything that may affect my day by being on my timeline. 

Listen To The Radio or A Podcast: It may be a little odd, but I know off by heart, which days and times my podcasts normally come out each day. The same with the radio shows and stations I enjoy. Popping one on right away helps me to get motivated in a positive way, with lots of them being comedy or educational based. I leave the heavier or more informative ones until later in the day, when my brain is more prepared to process them. I even like to have a bit of a dance around the room when I have the radio on. Nothing quite beats a morning jig!

Pop On Your Favourite Scent: After showering, I have to put on some perfume. The best scents make my senses wake up and I instantly feel pretty. I hope that my scent doesn’t just brighten my day. I hope the smell makes others happy too. Odd again I know, but it is one of my strange satisfactions in life. Plus, as someone who loves perfume and is very good at knowing what other people are wearing, I can’t get enough of the power of a great perfume to start the day with. 

Mornings can be super tough lovelies, but they don’t need to be! Just a few simple changes and a key routine can make the whole day a lot better from the moment you wake up! I promise lovelies! 

Joey X

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