Five Reasons Dry January Can Be Fun!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

January is a tough month, especially with so many resolutions trying to be fulfilled. One thing I often hear about is Dry January. I love the idea of saving money or raising funds for charity, whilst also looking after yourself. However, I never like hearing that people are struggling because of it. 

The cold months are tough as they are, so it is important to be gentle with yourself. Ten years ago, I gave up alcohol for good. Never really liking it, I decided that my mental health was more important. I would be fine at first, but give it 20 minutes and I would be in a room having an anxiety attack. Something I hated. So, at an event I. London, I picked up a beer, had two sips and decided to stop. I’ve never looked back since! 

Yet, I won’t admit that it has been hard to stop the guilt of not drinking from setting in. I often worried that people saw me as boring. I even got told by a family member once that I was boring for not drinking and that I shouldn’t go out because of it. I now know that was wrong. Not drinking can actually lead to a lot of fun. And here are five reasons why to help you on your own journey’s this Dry January…

You Remember Everything: For some people, this could be a scary element. However, I love that I can make memories without the haze of alcohol. No longer do I find a night out boring. Instead I find I see it with fresh eyes and no hangover wondering what happened. 

You Experiment More: When you don’t drink, you find that what you do end up sipping can be quite exciting. Menus and shops have started to create more and more non-alcoholic drink options leading to endless possibilities. I love a super cold juice now, instead of a dry burning wine! 

You Save Money: Drinks are so expensive! And essentially that money ends up down the drain. Quite literally! That money, when saved, can be used to buy something that lasts forever instead. Memories that last a lifetime! And that is so much more worthwhile than paying for a pint. 

You Learn More About Yourself: When you don’t drink you find out more about yourself, as you come to see what drinking does to you. Sometimes, like that happened to me, you can see how it influences your mood. You learn if you are drinking too much or if you really want to have a drink. You learn who you are closest to, witnessing their reactions to your choices. Coming out better is always a huge win. 

You Sleep Better: If I had had a drink, I would spend hours tossing and turning from the anxiety the alcohol caused. Now, when I head home after going out, knowing that I can just dive in and not carry so much anxiety, is lovely! I struggle to sleep, due to PTSD and my anxiety disorder, so adding to the troubles was never fun. What is fun is that I don’t have those worries and can sleep better. Something you will probably experience too! 

There are so many benefits to giving up drinking, I could go on for a long time. The idea that something is boring is so so wrong. Drinking can be fun, tasty and great, when done in moderation. However, I wouldn’t go back to doing it. I don’t stop anyone from enjoying a drink, it is each individuals choice, but I hope that it is done in the right way. If not, maybe these tips will help to see why not drinking can be just as fun! 

Good luck with Dry January lovelies! Embrace the fun that not drinking can bring! 

Joey X

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