Why Staying In On New Year’s Eve Is The Best!


Good Morning Lovelies,

New Year’s Eve is upon us! The day that marks the end of the year and the time to start anew. I must admit that I am really, truly ready to say goodbye to 2023. Not because it was a bad year, but because it has been one hell of a mad one. Let's make 2024 more fun. Let's be free and embrace life. That is my goal.

However, before that, we must say goodbye to the last year in the right way. The quiet way. I know this may sound boring, but I love to spend NYE reflecting and embracing a less party-based evening. Many times, I spend it with my mum snuggled up watching TV. This year, I will be doing the same thing!

Spending the night in doesn’t make you boring. In fact, it can be a lot of fun and means you can relax a bit more. Here are a few reasons why staying in on New Year’s Eve is the best:

You Don’t Have to Get Dressed Up: Spending NYE in means that you can wear whatever you want. I have worn workout leggings, PJs, my everyday clothes and even put on my fancy frocks as well. My favourite thing is to wear my comfy nightwear because I feel cosiest in it. I couldn’t suggest slippers over heels more.

You Save Money: Most firework displays now charge people to attend them, which I think is quite sad, considering that so many of them used to be free. However, with the option to stay in, you can create your own display or simply watch the ones on the TV free of charge. You don’t have to pay to travel or for tickets into places either.

You Don’t Have To Deal With The Crowds: When it comes to going out, it often comes with the worry of beating the crowds or being amongst some people that you may not like or want to start the new year with. Beating the crowds and staying in with those you love will stop any worries in their tracks. I love a quiet night with my mum and a few other family members best. I can’t deal with the pushing and shoving in crowds aha!

Stream and Strive: Instead of listening to songs you may not like or watching something that isn’t what you would normally, starting the new year with your choice of shows or films is epic. Pop on a streaming service, pick what you want and chill out. Starting 2024 in a peaceful and happy way will hopefully continue for the rest of it.

Pick and Mix Your Own Snacks and Drinks: Going to a party means that you don’t often get to choose the food or drinks on offer. This can lead to a big disappointment when you get to the buffet. With a quiet night in, you can order a takeaway, get in what you want from the shops or simply have a meal of your choice. No worries needed. The same can happen with the drink’s options. In our house, we often have a cup of tea and cheer the new year with our big mugs.

Sleep Is Always an Option: Once midnight has hit, you can stay up or go to bed as soon or as late as you want. No waiting around for a taxi or transport. Just a simple walk up the stairs and into the warmth and cosiness of your forever friend. Bed. The best person and place to start the new year with.

Going out or staying in, there is so much that can be done to mark the end of the year and the start of a new. However, I must admit that with all the choices above, I think I may forever be a stay at home new year’s lover.

Have a wonderful NYE lovelies and a fantastic 2023! 

Joey X

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