ABBA Voyage: The Show You All Need To See!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Do you ever have those moments in life where you experience just pure happiness? Like nothing else could be better! Since around March, I have been waiting and wishing some of the days away to see ABBA Voyage. On the 28th December, the dream came true. 

Having heard so much about it, the urge to be in the room where it happens was killing me. For both myself and my mum, the concert felt like a much needed piece of fun in what has been a very emotional year. And my good was it fun! 

Situated in the heart of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the ABBA Arena, brands a huge ABBA logo, with music blaring as you walk up to it. Only five minutes away from Stratford station on the bus or right outside Pudding Mill Lane DLR train station, it is one of the easiest venues to get to. However, I will warn you that it does get a little chilly in winter, due to the bars and restaurants all being out in the open. 

Yet, once you are in the main arena, this all changes. The heat is on. Your heart is pounding. Every part of the concert is electric. Watching the stage come to life is like a whole new song book in itself. At first, I kept comparing it to a theatre show, however, I was wrong. It is a concert that can’t be defined. All for good reasons. 

Having booked into the 7:45pm showing, we were told that it should all be over by 9:15pm, as there is no interval and the showings stick to their times. Something they really do. In that time though, your world is completely and utterly changed. Something I know may sound cheesy but it is honestly true. 

As the snowy scenery lifts away, the sounds of The Visitors begins the concert, with SOS, Chiquita and more of their classics following. From the moment the show begins, your head simply forgets that you aren’t really seeing the band perform. The graphics are truly fantastic. The band is electric. Even the speaking parts are brilliant. 

Watching the dance floor below us, you could see everyone was there to have a good time. Especially when the likes of Gimme Gimme Gimme and Waterloo played. For me and my mum, the real winner though, who took it all, was Dancing Queen, which is played near to the end of the concert. With personal connections to the song, my mum jumped up and danced with me when it came on. I blew a kiss to my dad in heaven, held back the tears and let the music flow. It was simply one of those moments in life I will never forget. 

In fact, I will never forget the whole night. Normally, I will admit that I spend a lot of time recording songs or taking pictures at concerts. The team at ABBA Voyage don’t allow for this though. Keeping my phone in my coat pocket let me just enjoy the whole thing. No notifications or emails were checked. No recordings were made to look over later. It was a concert made for the memories.  

ABBA has always played a big part of my musical life because of my dad. I wish he had been around to see it. I know he would have truly loved it! One of the oddest but most gorgeous moments of the night was the empty seat next to my mum. It was as if my dad was there with us. At times, all I could see was him up and dancing or bouncing his knee to the slower songs. I’m sure many people felt similar things.

My gorgeous mum with her ABBA themed Pimms!

I would recommend the experience to everyone lovelies. Young or old. ABBA fan or not. The whole event is like nothing I have seen before but oh my do I want to see it again. Wearing my new ABBA hat, I am officially a part of the ABBA Voyage fan club. If it is what time travel and space is like then sign me up. 

Me and my mum were very lucky, as we managed to buy tickets for £25 each. I would definitely suggest booking tickets as early as you can to save money lovelies, which is what we did. I was a little worried because I knew our seats were high up, but honestly, I don’t think there is anywhere in the arena you wouldn’t get a good comfy view from. And don’t worry if you have a phobia of heights, the blocks are not that tall at all. 

If you are taking little ones, the venue provides ear muffs to help with the noise, whilst also having full accessibility needs if you have any health matters that need extra support. The whole event has been made for each and every one of us. 

Right now, I am in a true ABBA daze. I have a feeling that the names of the songs will now be the themes of my 2024! And if they are then I will be truly happy! I guess what I want to know now is, what’s the name of the game? Will I have a little money in this rich man’s game? I suppose the world will just have to take a chance on me and I will see! 

Joey X

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