Play The Ultimate Games This NYE Thanks To Pikkii!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Many of you know that I love a good game or learning something new! Christmas time is normally when we bring out all the trivial board games or new finds on the market. However, New Years can be just as good! 

I can recall a fantastic night at our house where we all played Speak Out. We laughed so much and dribbled a bit too. It was a night that went down in history in our home. There so, when Pikkii offered me the chance to make more memories like this, I was super excited and instantly said yes. 

Providing me with two new games on the market, suitable for a more adult audience, as well as a factual fun tool, I couldn’t wait to delve into what they were all about. Here is what I found…

Get Wavey, £11.99: After a few drinks or not, this is the perfect game to play on New Year’s Eve! Each player picks up a card with a very strange sentence or word on it. Then as the player reads it out, the other players have to guess what the sentence actually means. Once they understand it, the first person to shout out the answer to the question wins. It sounds simple, however, it can get tricky. A sign as to why it is said to be for those 12 years and up. Unlike other games, this is a super fun but quick one to play, meaning no one gets bored. You find the whole group playing it a number of times in one sitting instead because it is so good.

Become A Plant Expert In 90 Days, £10.99: Did you know that painkillers come from the bark of the willow tree? Or how about that the leaves on a tomato are poisonous to humans? These are just some of the interesting things you can learn in 90 days from this clever little box of plant advice. I’m not normally someone who is into gardening or plants. Yet, I found myself messaging my mum about everything I was learning. I will admit that I read all 90 facts in one go, for this post of course aha, before handing them to my mum. She has been using them daily and finding what she learns very interesting. Who needs an advent calendar when you can enjoy these facts well into the new year. 

What The Actual Factual, £14.99: Made for a party, this will put everything you think you know to the test. Especially when the aim of the game is to lie. Upon starting the game, one player picks out a fact card, reading the line out loud. The rest of the players must then use answer cards, provided at the start of the round, to come up with a convincing fake answer. Reading their chosen fake fact out, each player must then vote to reveal which one is the real one. When it is announced, the players who chose right get one point each, whilst the players whose fake answers got a vote also receive one point. The first player to get 20 points overall wins. Another fantastic game, this will keep you guessing well past midnight. You will be entering 2024 a whole lot smarter after playing it. I’m promising you! 

All of these games are well up my street! I loved the ease that came with them when playing and how involved everyone got. Plus, Pikkii have made each game plastic free and environmentally friendly creating even more reasons to buy them. With so much more on their website, I would highly recommend having a browse lovelies. Especially when it comes to the next big celebration in your life because Pikkii are making a right party start with these beauties. 

Joey X

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