Boxing Day: The Traditions We All Follow!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Christmas may be over for another year, however that hasn’t stopped the celebrations just yet. Boxing Day is upon us and with it comes the traditional yearly mishaps that we all know and love. Nothing ever changes and it has sort of become the sparkle that makes up the day. Who else is with me on this?

There is always something that we can relate to. People rushing to the sales. What recipes to make using their Christmas leftovers. Will the gammon or ham fit in the oven? The questions all leading to a binge-watch in front of the TV with the last of the Quality Street.

I can guarantee that one of the following will relate to you today and if you are like me, you will be super proud:

Boxing Day Equals Pyjamas: After getting all dressed up for the festive occasion, Boxing Day is a time to sit back on the sofa in your PJs. Why bother getting ready when you have only a few days left to enjoy the delights of those fantastic comfy outfits?!? 

You Will Worry About How Much Food Is Leftover: Christmas may only be one day of the year, but with it comes a lot of food and drink. Something that leaves you wondering how your fridge looks like the inside of Tesco. One party sausage here. A scotch egg there. Party rings, cheesy crackers and the ever-present mini rolls. Leftover recipe searches will be endless, but, in the end, the buffet meal trend will last for the next week. Well, until the NYE one comes out!

You Will Avoid Family Members Again: Getting back together with family members you haven’t seen in a long time can be hard. Although you will try your hardest to get on with them, by Boxing Day, you will be back avoiding the ones you can’t really stand, until you need to do it again next year.

TV Will Become Your Best Friend: We have seen the Gavin & Stacey special now on TV a lot over the past few weeks. Yet, sitting back on the sofa, you will make no plans to move for the rest of the day. Catching up on the essentials missed, you will realise that the cheesy shows during the holiday season are the best.

Sweet Tins Will Become A Meal for All: Forgetting about the leftovers you have in the fridge, you will soon turn to the tins of sweets and biscuits you brought during the supermarket sales. Passing around the tub will become an art form. You’ll even find flavours you didn’t know you liked or start a fight for the best (Maltesers).

Sales Shopping Is A Must: If you are someone who likes going out, the sales will be your best friend. Although many of us have just got everything we wanted, you will head online or onto the high street to scoop up some of the best deals. You will realise that going out on Boxing Day though is madness and soon wonder when everyone turned into animals. Think the Mean Girls jungle shopping scene.

You’ll Be Sad It’s All Over: Lastly, with Boxing Day marking the end of the Christmas period, you will get a sense of sadness that the festivities are over for another year. You’ll start looking at your tree in pity. Your decorations will droop in fear of being taken down. You’ll wonder if you can keep them up all year. Christmas 2024 can’t come soon enough.

What do you all do on Boxing Day? Are some of these things you? I have already been hitting up the sales and am ready to catch up on all the TV I have missed so far. Plus, we still have New Year’s to look forward to, right?

Joey X

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