Blogmas Day Seven: Make This Easy Christingle Decoration!


Hey Lovelies, 

When I was in primary school, every year without fail, we would celebrate Christmas with a festive church service. I’m not overly religious I will admit, however, I can remember these events fondly. Mostly for what I am about to talk about aha! 

Days before we would all be walked up to the church, every class would make a Christingle. With bright red ribbon tied around a fragrant orange and toothpicks decorated with sweets and fruity gems, it was the candle placed into them that really made these festive delights shine. 

I can recall loving the art class we would have making these. From mini marshmallows to raisins, there was an element of learning and fun through these creations. Something that has inspired me to share how to make one with you all. 

Super easy, a Christingle can be made in no time at all. You don’t even need any tools at all to make them! You just have to have…


  • One Large Orange
  • Mini Marshmallows (Optional)
  • Mini Gummy Sweets (Optional)
  • Raisins (Optional)
  • Red Ribbon
  • One Pin
  • A Small White Candle
  • Four Cocktail Sticks
  • Scissors


To begin with, take your orange and place on a table. Using the red ribbon, measure around the orange, before cutting it to your desired length. 

Once cut, place the pin into the ribbon and the orange to secure it in place. Leave to one side. 

Next, take the four cocktail sticks and decorate with the sweets, raisins and marshmallows. 

When your cocktail sticks are ready, place one in each side of the orange. This helps to make the cross shape. 

Finally, take your candle and place carefully into the top of the orange. Try not to let the juices run to much, however, if this does happen use a bit of kitchen paper to dry it up. 

Your Christingle is now ready! Carefully light it, before tucking into the sweets and goodies you have placed into when the candle has been burnt. 

I was always so proud of showing off to my parents my finished Christingle each year. Although, I have to admit that it didn’t make the very short journey home. Those marshmallows and raisins that I decorated mine with were over with. I’m sure though we still have a few of the candles from them lying about though aha! 

Did you ever or do you make a Christingle at Christmas time? Show them off if you do! 

Joey X

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