Tracklements Has The Christmas Chutneys and More For You!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Christmas in the air! I can smell it! Long gone are the days of summer, goodbye the beauty that was Halloween and hello to festive fireworks, frocks and thrills! This is my time of year! I come alive as soon as the pumpkins go away and the Christmas jumpers come out! In fact, I’ve been feeling festive since September, I won’t lie! 

With so many amazing products in the shops already, I have some new features to share with you all, which will be perfectly placed on your festive dinner table. If you are like my family then you must always have a jar of chutney or pickle in your cupboards. Whether it be for the classic cheese and pickle sandwich or a fancy cheese board, they are simply always around. More so than ever at Christmas! 

With so many leftovers to enjoy, grabbing a jar completes a dish, according to my mum. There so, when Tracklements contacted me asking if I would like to review their festive embossed jars, I had to say yes. I think my mum would have seriously told me off if I had said no in fact. 

Arriving on my doorstep was the delicious looking Christmas Spiced Chutney and the Particularly British Piccalilli. With the sweet flavour of cranberries, apples and spices mixed together to make the chutney and the classic tastes of the piccalilli in her hands, it took no time at all for mum to put them to the test for me. Grabbing her cheese box, a packet of crackers and a teaspoon, she was armed and ready for trialling them. It was like watching her when she wraps our Christmas presents. Santa’s elf was activated.

Opening the chutney first, my mum tasted it on top of a piece of cheddar. Instantly she could taste the warming spices, which she said would go great on a piece of ham over Christmas too. Another perfect reason for her to have it out on Boxing Day! Placing a bit more on to a cracker, she was seriously impressed and knew straight away that she would be enjoying it a lot, alone and with guests, during the Christmas period. 

Her next port of action was the piccalilli. Normally my mum enjoys piccalilli in a sandwich during the summer. However, a few days later she decided to give it a go with some chicken and salad in a roll. Upon the first spreading, she found that it had some amazing pieces in it, which made her super happy. She said it reminded her a lot of the homemade versions she has enjoyed over the years. 

Already my mum has come up with some cracking ideas on how she is going to enjoy these festive delights over Christmas. Whether she shares them anymore will be anyone’s guess, as she well and truly loves them. Tracklements is honestly the brand that just keeps on giving in our house and they have just made our Christmas dinner table even better! To find out more lovelies, definitely head to their website, as these are honestly fantastic and so worth the money! 

What do you like to enjoy with your festive chutneys and sauces? Got a classic leftover dish? Let me know! 

Joey X

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