Black Tulip Have The Perfect Shoes For You This Christmas and Beyond!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Many of you know that I have a love affair with shoes. Shoes and perfume. I love them both so much that I will not skimp on the quality or brand of them. I will admit that I have my favourites, for example, Toms or Vans, but I am very open to hearing about new brands too. Especially ones that may just make it onto my Christmas wishlist! 

Like the ones at Black Tulip! Made from reasonably sourced materials, Black Tulip have a whole host of incredible products on offer, including the ones that I was kindly gifted to try, the Cassava Classic Tennis Trainer in an Off-white/Botanical colour, which have been made with real leather and suede. 

Upon arrival, I was already impressed by the beautiful packaging it came in. The box isn’t like an ordinary shoe box. Oh no! Instead of lifting it up, it slid the shoes out. 

Carefully presented in gorgeous white tissue paper, the box also housed a linen shoe bag and a fun card featuring a word search and dot to dot to do. Any personal touches like this are a real winner for me! 

Unfolding the paper around the shoes and lifting them out, I was amazed. They were so much better in the flesh than on the website. I had gone for the mix of colours to help me put them with more outfits, including the many jumpsuits I wear. Now, the outfits I wear will be based around these shoes, they are that amazing. 

Soft, durable and with a walking on air foam base, I couldn’t hold back the little moan I made when I did a catwalk strut around my house. I was scared to wear them out or to even think about doing it. These shoes were honestly like heaven to walk in from the first moment and I didn’t want to ruin them. 

However, I shouldn’t have feared! The first few days of trying them, the weather tested their durability to the max. Withstanding rain, winds, mud and the odd spot of autumn sunshine, they didn’t even look worn. In fact, now even a few days later they don’t look like I have been out in them. A real winner to me, as I hate cleaning shoes aha! 

I’ve had people stop and ask me where my shoes are from, which doesn’t normally happen to me! Plus, my mum is desperate for a pair too now, having spotted the green twist detailing and instantly falling in love. Ultimately, the shoes have been a huge success. Something, I hope to review and follow up with you lovelies on in a few months time when spring arrives. 

At £125, they may seem a little pricey, however, from having tested the feel, wearability and performance of the shoe, I would definitely say that Black Tulip have made a collection that is worth it. I’ve fallen head over heels in love. Perfect as a present this Christmas or for splurging on as the perfect shoe to wear to your next festive party, you will not be disappointed.

I’m going to be keeping a close eye on the new collections as they come on their website lovelies. I would definitely recommend you taking a look at it too lovelies to see if they have something for you or your loved ones. Black Tulip have made a shoe that will last you a lifetime, whilst helping the planet too! 

Joey X

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