Let Your Hobbies Run Wild This Christmas With Sew Amazing and Xootz


Good Morning Lovelies,

During the festive season, there is nothing better than staying in and learning a new hobby. As someone who loves to get creative, I find myself diving into the craft box a lot. Whilst others may enjoying heading out and exploring in a new way! 

They’re so, with present ideas popping up all over the place, I wanted to help you all by providing some inspiration for you or the little ones to enjoy this Christmas. It is the perfect time to get redecorating after all! 

Kindly, the team at Wilton Bradley, a company who work and create amazing items for all ages, sent me some items to try and my crafting love grew upon opening the box. Sew Amazing are a fantastic brand in which Wilton Bradley works with  to highlight the importance of STEM to all. 

Inside the box were two items from the brand, Sew Amazing. Making kids sewing machines, kits and accessories, the company works alongside the BBC hit show, The Great British Sewing Bee, to help inspire a new generation of creators. With mini projects featured inside each box, creators can start to make items from the get go. 

For me, this meant that I was about to get either sewing or knitting. Finding it hard to choose what to do, I went with both in the end. Getting the knitting machine out first, I watched a quick video online, which explained what I needed to do. From starting to set up, to getting the threads in the right places, I was soon underway with my first creation. A simple headband. 

With wool included in the pack, I was able to use the two balls to thread on and make a beautiful start. Once the initial setup had been done, all I had to do was spin the machine and the going was good. I loved how easy it was to create something in such a short amount of time. I’ve wanted to learn go knit for years, yet never had. Now, with this machine, I can knit until my heart is content. 

However, if I ever find myself bored of knitting, I was also gifted something I’ve always wanted to learn how to do. Sew using a sewing machine

Made to be safe in all aspects, this kid friendly tool, helps to protect little fingers from being harmed. In my case, a true hero feature for me. I’m so clumsy that I can’t help but get something broken or harmed when doing crafty bits. Yet, this wasn’t the case with this machine. Using scrap bits of fabric from home, I practiced a few skills with my mum to see what the outcome was like. 

As someone who knows how to knit and sew well, my mum is quick to judge when something is going bad in regards to it. However, when using the item, she was really impressed and stated how much the little machine was like a bigger version. A great starter for budding designers. 

I liked that I could finally the skills I wanted to in a compact way. I feel intimidated by the big machines something I didn’t feel at all with this. I really liked the ease of making something and even as an adult I got a sense of pride from it. I know little Joey would have loved something like this a lot. I always wanted to copy my mum and this would have allowed me to do so. 

Finally, I was gifted something that made my Barbie filled mind pop. Great for the summer months or to get to places quickly, the team sent me a very stylish pink pair of Xootz’s Pink LED Roller Skates. With an adjustable touch and close strap, padded boots and funky lights, these are the best of the best when it comes to Skates this Christmas. 

Although I’m not allowed to use them myself, my neighbour’s kids were quick to put them to the test. And they loved them! Watching them zooming around, I was easily able to spot them with the lights, allowing me to not lose them when playing in our local park. Each taking a turn, the kids were all in agreement that the skates were comfy and warm in this winter weather. Perfect shoes for all year round when you want to have some fun. 

Overall, I absolutely adored all of the items, especially the knitting circle, which allowed me to break into a hobby I have wanted to do for so long. Wilton Bradley have made a fantastic set of brands and Sew Amazing and Xootz are definitely doing them proud. I honestly couldn’t recommend them enough lovelies, so keep an eye out for them in your local toy seller to find out more! 

What kit would you most like to play with lovelies?

Joey X

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