Keep Calm This Christmas With Rollagranola’s New Calming Recipe!



Good Morning Lovelies, 

Now, what are you having for breakfast today? Porridge? Cereal? Eggs on toast? Well, whatever it is, I may just be about to change your selection up a bit, with the introduction of Rollagranola

New to the market, the team behind the brand, have created delicious new granolas, full of flavour, but with lots of healthy changes. Using only the best seeds, nuts, oats and spices, Rollagranola has grown in size due to the endless love that it has been given and from my mum’s reaction, it is easy to see why. 

Kindly gifted the Calm flavour, I decided to pour my mum a bowl to enjoy in bed on a Sunday morning. Covered in mango and passionfruit yogurt (her favourite at the moment!), the cereal was instantly smell sensational, as the notes of mango bursted through. 

Upon pouring, I could see the brilliantly sized chocolate, mango and cashew pieces too. There was seriously no scrimping when it come to creating the product. Something that makes the £4.99 price tag very worth while. 

High in vitamin E and with no added sugar, Rollagranola focus highly on making and using only the best in their products. Something my mum noticed right away. Unlike overly sweet granolas or ones that lay heavy after eating, my mum said that this was delicious and left her wanting more.   

A fact that led me having to tell her what over flavours are available. Let me tell you, there are a lot. The maple one becoming her next top trial it seems. Honestly, whatever flavour you are looking for, your tastebuds will be happy with what you find. 

Rollagranola are a brilliant brand who obviously care about their customers. I can’t wait for my mum to try more in the future and will definitely let you know what she thinks. For now though, she is in a granola state of calm!

Joey X

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