Happy Bonfire Night 2023 Lovelies!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Happy Bonfire Night! Here in the UK, we are preparing to light up the sky with fireworks, whilst burning our always strange looking guys on big bonfires. All whilst singing the classic, “Remember remember the fifth of November!” rhyme. 

Bonfire night is a special time of the year for me. Not only was it my grandad in Italy’s birthday, but there is honestly nothing more cosy than standing around the warm fires with everyone surrounding you. 

One of my favourite memories from bonfire night comes from spending it with my best friend Tessa on her village green. All of her neighbours had chipped in for the event. They each brought a warming dish of jacket potatoes, apple crumble cakes and biscuits, warming soups and classic chilli dishes, with cider and mulled wine to sip too. The fireworks went up beautifully and when it was all over we sat for hours around the bonfire on the green. I have never had a bonfire night celebration like it. 

It’s an odd day if you really think about it. However, we Brits just love a celebration and rightfully so. Memories like the one mentioned were made because of days like today. Memories that warm my heart to think of them. 

There so, I hope that however you are celebrating bonfire night, I hope you stay safe, have fun and keep cosy. Enjoy it lovelies! 

Joey X

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