DesignABear Has A Cuddly Friend For Everyone This Christmas!


Good Morning Lovelies,

When I was little, I remember the magical feeling I felt the first time I went into Build-A-Bear. Seeing the costumes all lined up. The array of bears and animals to pick. The way a voice of a loved one could be put inside. It was a dream. Yet, I’ve recently found that the price of them is a bit too much whilst we go through this horrific cost of living crisis. 

Thankfully, whilst speaking to the amazing team at KidKreations, I found the solution! With a hugely successful range of dolls and other fabulous toys in their toy box, the team also have an affordable teddy bear range, called DesignABear, which includes clothes and accessories. 

With bears starting at around £12, they are super affordable compared to other brands. Especially when it comes down to the clothing side of things, as they have outfits starting at around £11, but, these outfits are included in the Argos two for £20 deal. Meaning you get more for less. 

After asking if I would be able to try one of the bears for you all, I was gifted the Monkey toy. A fact I was super happy about. I wasn’t expecting to find myself also gifted with two outfits, something I was super grateful for. 

Coming in an easy to carry box, the bear was super light, soft and sweet looking. It was a toy that felt suitable for every age, with the monkey reminding me of the one my nephew had as a baby. Both me and my mum couldn’t stop running our hands across the soft fur of the ear in fact. 

Upon opening the boxes containing the outfits, we found ourselves faced with a mermaid inspired look first. However, it was what we found in the second box that we chose to dress Monkey in. A leopard print inspired PJ set. In our house PJs rule, so it felt completely right. 

Every ounce of the outfits were soft and easy to put on the bear. The toy felt like one that you would want to go to bed and snuggle up with. In fact, we had an argument about who was going to own him, with a decision being made that he would sit in my grandad’s armchair until we could make a choice. I will be snuggling him away though. 

For such a great price, with amazing quality textures and accessories, I would now pick DesignaBear over Build-A-Bear any day of the week. I found that the toys were not as scary looking, softer and suitable for every age possible. It is a bear that can grow with the child, with affordable options available to help redress them. Although, you don’t even need the clothes or little add ons to enjoy this toy. 

If you are looking for a teddy to gift this Christmas then I would definitely recommend DesignaBear’s range, which is available at Argos. With lots of different animals and styles to choose from, at lower costs than other places, it is worth every single penny. You may end up buying one for yourself in fact. Just remember though, a teddy bear is for life, not just for Christmas! 

Joey X

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