Create Your Own Bauble Designs Thanks To Hobbycraft!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Christmas is the perfect time to get crafty! Whether it be making a festive wreath or a jar of homemade jam to gift to someone, there are endless possibilities. For many years, me and my mum like to have made at least one thing each that will go up in our house. For me, it’s normally a wreath. My mum, a knitted piece. 

However, we have also been known to head to our local ceramics centre to paint a few items. Ones that have been put out on display since. Yet, it can be quite expensive and so I decided to start looking into affordable ways to get crafty with ceramics. 

Thankfully, Hobbycraft were on hand to help! At just £6, you can find a box full of ceramic baubles, which can be painted, coloured in and decorated by all to hang from the tree. 

With my brother having just moved into a new home, we thought it would be nice to create a bauble that would remind him of us, but also suit his new house. We gathered our felt tips, paints and other crafting materials and set to the challenge. 

Sturdy, strong and easy to use, the baubles took hardly anytime to make our own. Plus, we didn’t have to wait for them to go in the kiln or have to go back to collect them. Keeping a few spare, I also decided to take them to my nephew, who I knew would love to make a design of his own. 

We had kindly been gifted this box, along with a number more. I was unsure what to do with them, however, I have come up with an idea. Starting on the 1st December, I have set up a living advent calendar in my village. Families on all different streets are taking part. 

With our house being close to the school, I am going to offer the unused baubles as a gift to the local school children, who can take them home and make their own pieces with. Spreading joy is the best at Christmas. 

Affordable, fun and easy to make your own creations with, the new Hobbycraft six pack of ceramic baubles create endless amounts of happiness. Knowing that our homemade first Christmas in your new home design will be hanging on my brother’s tree when we are not there has made me so happy. 

To find the baubles, head to the Hobbycraft website. They have so many ideas to help you and at great prices too. I’m getting my Christmas crafting bug in full swing and I am loving it! Have you got it too? 

Joey X

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