The Best Time of the Year is Finally Here!


Hey Lovelies, 

My time has arrived! From October until January, I am activated. The next few months, whilst cold (which I hate!), are my favourite times of the year! From today, I am about to be the real me! The happiest me! 

From Strictly Come Dancing being back on the TV to Halloween and decorations, I find the next few months so cosy. So happy. So heart warming. 

I know many people suffer with the darker days and colder nights, but I oddly enjoy them. I find myself actually more emotionally drained in summer. So when the autumn and winter months hit, I am very happy. 

There is honestly nothing better than walking in from the cold and feeling that gorgeous gush of warm air. Opening up the pages of a festive book. Binging on the best winters TV. Saying goodbye to the horrible insects outside. Fairy lights. Comfy clothes. Snuggly nights. Oh how I love this time of year! 

I’m writing this post as a bit of a warning now, as the next few months are going to be full on on the blog. I feel so motivated at the moment and I am going to be sprinkling it all onto here! I hope you all enjoy it lovelies! 

Are you a fall/winter fan? Let me know what you love about this time of year! 

Joey X

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