Meg Rivers Know How To Throw A Halloween Party With Their Amazing Hampers!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

With Halloween just around the corner, it is only right that the party planning begins! From spooky servings to creepy costumes, there is a lot that needs to be done already to make the night a horrifying success. 

However, it doesn’t have to be hard to have a good time. It can be a graveyard smash in fact with the help of a hamper. One that might not be what you expect. After reaching out to the fantastic team at Meg Rivers to see if they could help me with some festive content they delivered the most amazing gift I could have imagined. 

Created to celebrate the special person in your life’s birthday, the Birthday Hamper is full to the brim with everything you need to have a successful party. So, why not use it to make your Halloween one just as good? 

Upon opening the beautiful box it came in, I was faced with presents galore! Literally! Each delicious delight was wrapped in such beautiful paper that I didn’t want to ruin it. I did though aha! Starting small, I discovered a beautiful set of cards, candles and a pin inside. The candle pin isn’t just perfect for birthdays but also a great addition to add to your Halloween costume. Let’s face it, autumn is the time for candles after all! 

The next present I unwrapped included a beautiful looking chocolate brownie, which had a twin in the form of a lemon drizzle traybake beside it. With a gorgeously chewy centre and bursting with flavour, both were perfectly sized to be cut up and handed out to guests. Or to embrace whilst hiding behind that cushion on the sofa. My mum was such a fan of the lemon drizzle that she was not sharing it with anyone! It missed out on the party that the rest of the box had. 

Placing the tray bakes to the side, I discovered a fun birthday crown, beside some smaller boxes. Now, these boxes may have been small, but they packed a punch. A flavour one in fact. Named Hope & Joy, the double chocolate and chocolate chip shortbreads that came in the hamper sparked both of that. 

Great to give out to little ones at a Halloween party or to hand out at the start or end of the show, these were biscuits that once you started you couldn’t stop enjoying. Especially the chocolate chip ones. They were soft but with a good crunch that sparked joy throughout our home. Shared with my mum’s best friend, she happily told me that she would buy them again and again. 

The next item I pulled out of the hamper was a star. In every way. If you buy the hamper for your Halloween party than this is the thing that you may want to keep for yourself after the clean up. Dotted with colourful sprinkles, the Meg Rivers Chocolate Cake in mini form is both the cutest and delicious thing I have ever had my hands on. 

Cutting it up in to smaller pieces, I gave samples to my neighbours and mum, who all loved it. My mum who isn’t a big chocolate cake person was happy to tuck into another bit, stating that it was so moist (sorry!) and rich in flavour, but not in a sickly way. 

All of the good vibes surrounding the cake taste test was music to my Halloween filled ears, as the team at Meg Rivers had provided me with an extra treat. Inside the hamper was another box. A big brown box. It included another item that was all wrapped up. Upon opening this wrapping I found the king of the cakes. A 15” version of the miniature one! 

The cake can be ordered along with the hamper, if buying for a party or special occasion, which is a huge bonus for all, taking away any extra stresses. When I got this out to trial before Halloween, my neighbour’s little boys eyes lit up. So did the adults. Placed in the centre of the table, it was like a long lost relative had risen. It was the hypnotic food find amongst them all. The one that got demolished in no time at all. 

Whilst I would never have normally picked a birthday hamper to use at a Halloween party, I can honestly say I would now. Who doesn’t love a cake or two? Who doesn’t love chocolate creamy biscuits? If there are any tricks to be had at Meg Rivers it’s the treats that they produce and deliver! The creators are so clever and I will happily be going back to them again and again to find out about buying items to my family and friends. 

With the hamper costing £48.50 and the cake being £25, it is also super affordable, as it caters for a big group. Perfect for all the Halloween gatherings and celebrations you have coming up. Scaring is caring after all! 

Thank you so much to the Meg Rivers team for allowing me to trial the hamper and the cake. Both were amazing and whilst they didn’t last until Halloween, I know for sure that there will be some Meg Rivers items at our party this year and beyond! Head to their website lovelies to find out more about what they have to offer. You will not be disappointed! 

Have you ever brought a hamper to celebrate an event? Will you be doing so now? Let me know! 

Joey X

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