Marnie Simpson and Chantelle Connelly Talk To The Blog About All Star Shore Series Two!


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For years, I have adored Jersey Shore! I love everything about it, especially the stars within it. So, when I heard that a few of them would be uniting with the stars of Shore’s around the world in the second series of All Star Shore, I was invested! 

With Vinny from Jersey Shore taking part and many other familiar faces, I spoke to two big names from Geordie Shore about their experiences. Marnie Simpson and Chantelle Connelly tell us everything we need to know about their time on the show and what we might all be playing this Christmas…

Firstly, what was it about All Star Shore that made you want to appear on the second season? 

Marnie: It was just so different for me to what I’ve ever done before.


Chantelle: For me it was just to get my foot back in the door! It was opening another door for us, [so] it would be stupid not to. I’m a single parent, it opens doors. And it looked amazing! I watched clips and it looked so fun, it would [have been] stupid not to take that. And it was in Colombia, see a different part of the world, why wouldn’t you? You’d be mad not to.


Can you tell us any secrets or things we should look out for on the show that may surprise viewers? 

Chantelle: Fake bitches!


Marnie: Yeah!


Chantelle: Fake, snaky, slimy, slithering, little snaky bitches.


The show was set in Colombia, did you get the chance to explore it whilst there? If so, would you want to take your fellow show mates there for a vacation series? 

Chantelle: Yeah we got to see bits of it, like Cartagena, so beautiful. We’ve actually all arranged, with the ones we got on with, to meet up in Tulum in Mexico! We thought the show was airing earlier, so we were going to meet up last month. We had all arranged to go to Tulum and meet up with Isa and Xavi, but we couldn’t really do it.


Marnie: We actually were gonna meet up, but maybe in the New Year we will, won’t we Chantelle?


Chantelle: One million percent. We were all up for it, but again, we couldn’t be seen together, or have snaps with each other, so it has to be when the show has aired. If it had been out by now we probably would have met and done Tulum, but they’re definitely people I would love to see again. Friends for life, absolutely, will never forget them!

The competition can get quite intense! Was there any moments where you were really proud of yourself for how you handled a situation? 

Marnie: There were a few incidents in there where I was being accused of different things. That was really hard because I’ve never had that happen to us before and I was really proud of the way that I handled it and I just kept my cool. And I feel like some people in there would try to get certain reactions from you by antagonising you and I feel like we did a really job not to fall for it.


Chantelle: Marnie, a proud moment [for me was seeing] how much you’re so hard on yourself at tasks, and [yet] you absolutely smashed them all. She put her head down so much, she had achieved so much, every task she absolutely killed it, but yet you put yourself down constantly about it.


Marnie: I did always put myself down! Chantelle would always bigs us up and I would always be so negative about myself, but it was a proud moment, especially as I got further into the competition [by] how well I was doing! I was just so proud!


You are away from your family for a long time. How did you find being away from them?

Chantelle: I missed my little boy, of course she missed her kids. I missed my little boy, but again, we’re parents and we just tried to keep focusing. There were days we’d be a little bit upset and really missing the kids, but because we were that busy, it was non-stop, we kinda just enjoyed the moment.


Marnie: Yeah, if you were going to take a break, it was the best type because we learned so much. We had the best experience, it was just nice to take some time for us. Obviously, we’re full-time parents normally, so it was nice to take some time out for us.


Many of us have a favourite location based version of the show! I am a big fan of Jersey Shore! Which series would you have liked to have been on if you hadn’t been in yours? For example, Jersey or Rio etc. 

Marnie: Definitely Acapulco.


Chantelle: Jersey, or Acapulco with Xavi and Isa.


Christmas is coming up, which means party season! What game from the show do you think people should or could recreate this year at home to have some fun? 

Marnie: What was that game, there was a lot of drinking games, but the one you could recreate would probably be –


Chantelle: The card game?


Marnie: Yeah, or the coin.


Chantelle: Or the coin game yeah, so hard! Easy, but so hard.


Marnie: The games were amazing weren’t they?


Finally, I wanted to end on a quick fire round. Answer with your favourites out of…


Jersey or Geordie Shore

Chantelle: Geordie

Marnie: Geordie


Vinny or Angelina

Marnie: Angelina

Chantelle: Yeah


Newcastle or Colombia

Marnie: Newcastle

Chantelle: Newcastle, Newcastle, Newcastle!


Pandebonos or Stotties

Chantelle: Stotties from Greggs, you’ve got to say Stotties, you’re a Geordie

Marnie: Stotties!


Guaro or Newcastle Brown Ale

Marnie: I’m gonna go the Guaro, because it just sounds more exotic.

Chantelle: I’m gonna go Brown Ale coz I’m a Geordie, I gotta stick to my roots.

You can catch the new series of All Star Shore now lovelies on MTV and Paramount+ every Monday at 10pm! Will you be watching to see who wins? 

Joey X

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