Get The Gin Party Started This Festive Season With Amarula African Gin!


Good Morning Lovelies,

In our house at Christmas, my mum likes to make sure that she has a drink available for everyone. Whether it be the Amaretto drinker or the cocktail mixer, there isn’t a bottle that isn’t available for them to try or use. 

However, something that hasn’t been huge in our is gin. Yet, I know many people who love it, including my best friend Tessa, my neighbour Amie and many more. I’ve even known my mum to give it a chance. 

Something she did for me, when I asked her to blind taste test the new Amarula African Gin. Made from the marula fruit and premium botanicals, including juniper berries, orange peel and blossom, plus African grains, the gin is made fresh with a fruity twist. 

Whilst many would say this sounds like the perfect ripple for summer, it is a bottle that can be enjoyed all year round. Placing the gin in her glass, before mixing it with a fruity lemon bitter tonic, my mum included ice and fresh fruit slices to really set the drink alight. After I had added the gin before she could see what it was aha! 

Taking her first sip, something that I was nervous about, she was pleasantly surprised. She tried another one and then a third. Before long, she was stating just how impressed she was. Something that she was surprised about when I told her it was gin that she was drinking. 

Now, I can’t get her to stop coming up with ideas on how to share it with friends. A punch bowl has been discussed. Used as a starter for her festive party. The ideas are flowing and her new love of gin has grown. 

Amarula African Gin is exclusive to Europe right now and priced at around £25 a bottle. However, the bottles are huge, meaning you definitely get good value for money. With party season coming up, my mum stated that it is the perfect drink to refresh with, especially after a heavy festive meal. She also said it would be perfect to get the party started on New Year’s Eve with as well. 

To find out more about the brand and to discover some fantastic recipes to try, head to the Amarula website lovelies! You will be getting the gin party flowing this festive season before you know it! 

Joey X 

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