Back To School Week: The Best Children’s TV Shows Ever!


Hey Lovelies, 

The world of school was always an odd space to be in. One minute you could be learning everything, the next you would be hanging around with your friends discussing everything going on in your year. 

However, the real magic with school lied in what happened before and after it. I don’t mean the stuff that would circulate for years as gossip and tattle. No, I mean the beautiful TV shows that we would rush home to watch. 

CBBC, Nickelodeon, the Disney Channel, as soon as I was out of class, I was in front of my TV. I even put up with Richard & Judy when I was little. I know they say we shouldn’t be glued to screens, but when TV was this good, you couldn’t help it. 

There were endless programmes and choices for kids when I was younger. Even on the weekend you could kick back with a bowl of Cookie Crisp and watch Smile, SMTV or Dick N’ Dom in the Bungalow. My TV time was made up of so much fun that I often wish I could go back and watch them all again. 

Whether it be Rugrats, Arthur or even Thunderbirds, I simply loved all of the shows available. However, I have decided to share my top few that made me want to never grow up. They were…

Tweenies: When I was really small, I absolutely loved the Tweenies. I wanted to be Fizz, with her cool braids and beaded hair. Plus, I always wanted to press the clock. Who else is with me? 

Big Cook, Little Cook: Who sung the theme song as they read that? Even as I got older I would watch this show. In fact, I recently found out that they remade it and watched that as well. It’s not as good as this classic though. Both Bens were legends in every way.

Out Of The Box: It angers me to this day that Disney Plus has not added this show to its service yet. Running home from nursery, I can remember my mum making me strawberry jam shaped sandwiches and grabbing me a packet of Quavers to watch this beauty with. Add to your channel please Disney Plus! 

Jungle Run: As I got older, I found myself seeking more intense shows. These included this gem, which I used to want to take part in. Yeah, you had your 50/50 and Get Your Own Back, but the idea of running around collecting monkey statues appealed to me a whole lot more. 

The Mysti Show: Not many people remember this, however, I could spend all day watching this when it was on CBBC. Following a fairy, who was sent to look after her earth based godchild, it was cheesy but fantastic. 

The Story of Tracey Beaker: The first book I ever took out from the library was also the show I devoted my childhood to. Looking into it, I can’t believe there was only four series, because I spent a lot and I mean a LOT of time watching it. Even the film was a true gem in my eyes!

Miami, LA and Hollywood 7: You should all know by now that I am a big S Club 7 fan. I’ve seen them live. I had all the magazines. I will not let my mum throw away my videos of this show. They are a collectors item in my eyes and they are going nowhere! 

Zooey 101: As I got a bit older, I would watch a lot more Nickelodeon. Kenan and Kel. UnFabulous. Drake and Josh. The more time I devoted to these the better. Especially if it was Zooey 101! I know that a new film has come out, so I need to hear what you all think of it! Should I watch it? 

Looking at the list of classic shows that used to be on TV I could have listed tons more. I honestly didn’t realise how many hours I probably wasted in front of it. But they were a good bunch to hang out with after the drama of school. I still talk about some of them and watch a few now. 

When I asked others what they used to watch they stated, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Baker Grove, Grange Hill, Blue Peter, Batman, Airwolf and many more! It seems TV will always be our first school crush! 

What did you used to watch lovelies?

Joey X

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