The Summer I Turned Pretty Series Two Review


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Many of you will know that I adored The Summer I Turned Pretty’s first season. No word of a lie, I think I have watched it around ten times. It is my childhood all wrapped up in one. I remember staying all night reading the books. I was that hooked! 

Thankfully, the second series of the show is upon us and it just gets better and better. From the opening dream sequence to the music, all of the details and touches that we loved on the pages have been replicated to perfection on screen. 

Lola Tung, Christopher Britney and Gavin Casalegno are a match made in love triangle drama. Each embodies the characters and what they mean to us so well. As do the new and familiar faces that we embrace again. 

Having witness the diagnosis and revelation of Susannah’s illness at the end of the first series, the second captures what the boys and Belly are going through. Coming to terms with such a tragedy is tough. Not just for those on screen but also for us watching. Emotions and angst run high. Yet, the screenwriters and creator Jenny Han make sure that there is still fun to be had. 

Not only perfect for new readers and viewers, the show is a trip down memory lane for those of us who read them first time around. I’m now left longing for the next series already. It is truly a joy to watch and embrace. In fact, I haven’t been this gripped in a TV show in a long time. 

Grab your friends, get the slushies and summer snacks in and binge watch this as soon as you can lovelies! I’m going in for round two ASAP! 

5 Stars

Joey X

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