Bring The Sunshine Home With The New Ben & Jerry’s Flavour!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

It is a fact in life that everyone has a favourite Ben & Jerry’s flavour. Personally I adore Baked Alaska, whilst one of my best friend’s Tessa loves Chocolate Fudge Brownie. My mum is a sucker for a Karamel Sutra and my brother Gio adores Phish Food. This summer though there is a new kid on the block and its flavour packs a citrusy punch. 

Sunny Honey Home is a mixture of creamy lemon ice cream with a honey caramel swirl and pieces of lemon cookies! However, its true sunshine comes from the message it is helping to spread. And not just on the spoon! 

Bringing together the flavours of Morocco, Afghanistan and Syria, Sunny Honey Home has been made to highlight the flavours of each country, whilst also helping to create a better quality of work for the eight entrepreneurs, who grow the ingredients in each tub. It’s a flavour with a mission as the company states. And boy does it succeed! 

Kindly gifted a tub to try, I got my mum to be my handy taster again. As a lover of all things ice cream based, she has had a lot of flavours in the past. Her opinion of them is huge to many and if she doesn’t like it she will put people off. So handing her a spoonful of this was a big deal. Luckily one that she truly enjoyed! 

As soon as you popped the lid off you could smell the lemon. Much like a lemon ice or sorbet, it was a refreshing scent that my mum stated was carried out throughout the ice cream. 

Taking her first bite, she told me that the lemon wasn’t bitter but sweet, with the added cookies giving it the perfect texture and the honey caramel adding the perfect finishing touch. Instantly she went in for another go and soon, the tub was on her lap. She was even researching how and where she could buy another one. 

The Co Op are currently the only ones who are stocking the tubs lovelies, due to their help in bringing it to life. Something that didn’t and doesn’t phase my mum, who is now heading out in Hertford again this week to buy another one. It’s what she states as her, “ice cream of 2023!” A big statement for her if I do say so. 

As the daughter of an immigrant and someone who watched my father work hard to make a living after moving here, I know how vital the money raised is to those who need it. Whilst the whole ice cream is a thing of pure joy, the help each tub is providing is the real winning flavour. Ben & Jerry’s honestly never fail to get it right, making it definitely worth every single penny! 

What Ben & Jerry’s flavour is your favourite lovelies? Will you be trying this one? Have you had it? Let me know your thoughts if so! 

Joey X

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