June! I’m Ready For You!


Good Morning Lovelies,

Sometimes I find myself thinking about things that I just need to release. Thankfully, I’ve found my blog has become the place I can do this. Safe, freeing and honest, the writing here has become a little guiding light for me. 

When I’ve struggled to control my emotions. The actions of others and myself. To keep myself and hopefully you, the reader, amused, I write. June is an odd month for me, meaning it’s the perfect time to just jot it all down. 

Marking the start of summer, an age of birthdays and the return of the hot hot weather, June comes and goes quickly. However, as we praise the beginning of it, I’ve decided to use this month to celebrate the little things in life. 

The sound of bees. Candles on my mum’s upcoming birthday cake. Looser clothing. Freshly cut grass. And yes, the sound of the Love Island theme. Little things that make a big difference to many of us. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am still an autumn/winter girl through and through. Yet, I do enjoy the heat. The jumpsuits. The happy faces of people enjoying a cold drink in a pub garden. Others using paper fans to swipe at their faces. Concerts and crazy clothes. 

And so, I want to make the blog a more open and exploring place over the next few weeks. Because as soon as September approaches, I will be going into full introvert hibernation with tons of cosy content. 

June I am ready for you however. Let’s bring on the warm summer sun and have some fun! Who else is with me? 

Joey X

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