Coiledspring Games Are Truly Testing Our Brains With Their New Games!


Good Morning Lovelies,

Many of you know that I am a huge fan now of the brilliant Coiledspring Games company. Having been very lucky and fortunate to have been sent some games to play, the company have supported me a lot and I am so thankful to them. Especially for the exciting present I got sent by them recently. 

As someone who loves a puzzle, I was kindly gifted a new Exploding Kitten’s 1,000 piece jigsaw to do. Now, when I start a puzzle, I can’t stop until it is complete. I used to refuse to go back to the hospital on a Sunday if I hadn’t finished one of the Disney ones we would start on the Friday, when I got home. 

This weekend, I went back in time and refused to do anything but complete this puzzle. However, let me tell you something lovelies. This one was hard! With lots of colours being the same and a tough pattern, it really did put my mum and me through our paces. 

Yet, we didn’t give up and the end result was so satisfying to see. In fact, when we came to the end and the comical cat faces peered back at me, I knew that I would be getting myself some more of these to do. Although, I wanted to give my brain another kind of challenge first. A tougher one in many ways.

Coiledspring Games are well known for their excellent Cortex Challenge collection. Ranging from sets that all the family can take part in to tougher adult based ones, there is something to put all kinds of minds to the test. Including the new Super Cortex Challenge. 

With me and my mum ready to put our knowledge into use, we sat down on Sunday night to give the game a go. Featuring 80 new mini games, these have truly been created to test those that play. I will hold my hands up and admit that I did feel a little stupid at times, but the fun that we had was endless. 

Both of us loved the nature of using our brains to make us well-worthy winners. Even coming away feeling well and truly clever in some parts. The game is so different to anything we have played before, but in a very good way. 

Over the past few days, I have begun to think about Christmas and presents. Yes, I know it is summer, but I can’t help myself. These two different puzzles and games would be perfect for the young and the old as gifts. 

I’m also certain that they would be great to do together during those random days over the festive period where you don’t really know what day or time it is. They are super fun and refreshing to play for all. 

Forever will these games now be in our home and I can’t wait to see what else Coiledspring Games bring out. Each and every time, they make sure that the fun, madness and fresh nature is to be released and I can’t get enough. 

Joey X

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