Parenting Hell Live 2023 at The O2 - My Experience


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Many of you will know from my monthly favourites that I am a big, BIG, fan of the podcast Parenting Hell. When Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicombe announced that they would be taking the show on the road, I was beyond happy. I went from stiff neck to loose neck party vibes in a matter of moments. 

Buying tickets as soon as they went on sale, I prepared for the big night - 21st April 2023 - by listening to the two shows a week religiously, buying their book and books and making sure that I was the ultimate fan. Even as someone with no kids. 

Last Friday, the day arrived to see them and so I put the person I have put through parenting hell with me, to enjoy the show. Heading to The O2 Arena in London early, we looked around the Icon Shopping Centre, full of outlet stores, grabbed a drink and wandered around until it was time to take our seats. 

Sat right at the front of the crowd, on the floor in block A1, we had an incredible view of the stage. Made up full of bits from the show and the two comedians lives, we were immersed instantly. Along with also being provided the chance to text and be in the show, you could also spend the time waiting reading the epic programme, which was also an activity book. Great for parents and maybe older kids aha! 

After a bit of a delay, the show began at 8:15pm, with the two comics coming on and making an incredible start. Joking about their lateness, heading into the crowd and making phone calls and introducing us to the iconic set pieces, Josh then led Rob into a preplanned slideshow of stiff neck proportions. 

From there everything went smoothly. A couple with a newborn baby were forced to lie in a bed and stay awake, in the hopes of winning a grand prize. Lou and Rose, the pairs wives were tested in a Mr and Mrs format. 

Then a special guest was brought out. Ours was the amazing Katherine Ryan, who perfectly explained why it is harder for women to be parents. Whilst also tackling the subject of Jo Swash’s epic sex skills! 

The show was perfect in every way. I had never been to see a podcast live, but with the way that these two handled everything, I already want to go again. I even debated booking to see the Wembley show on Sunday. It was full of epic moments, such as Rob Beckett introducing us all to his children and classic old school photos and videos of the pair.

I can safely say that Parenting Hell is still my favourite podcast out of them all. Even as someone who doesn’t have or want kids. These are just two sexy and relatable guys, who you will want to listen and see live! It is a safe and solid seven out of ten!

Joey X

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